Yamaha n12 (No Longer Available)

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the Yamaha n12 is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

An Interface and Mixer in One!

Yamaha's new n12 is a marvel of modern recording technology. Not only is it a full-function mixer, but it's also an integrated interface for Cubase. Built-in there are eight pristine Yamaha preamps, 3-band EQ, morph-able compressor, and a FireWire connection to the computer. The audio passes through the n12 - which lets you manipulate signal as you would on a conventional mixer including setting up monitor mixes for the performers - and then straight into Cubase. The n12 is the future of audio interfaces!

Yamaha n12 at a Glance:
    • One Function per Control
    • Dimmer and Mute Switches
    • Selectable Phantom Power
    • Hi-Z In for Direct Guitar or Bass Recording
    • Effective Musical EQ
    • 24-bit, 96-kHz Digital Quality
    • Source Select and Level Control
    • Solo Level Control
    • Direct Connect to many Sources
    • Talkback with Built-in Microphone
    • Surround Monitoring and Bass Management
    • High-resolution Rev-X Reverb

Selectable Phantom Power
If you're serious about your sound - especially for vocals or acoustic instruments - you'll undoubtedly want to use studio-quality phantom-powered condenser microphones for the extended range and natural reproduction they provide. The n8 and n12 are fully compatible, with selectable built-in phantom power.

Direct Connect to a bunch of Sources
The n-series mixers provide both balanced XLR connectors and balanced Tip-ring-sleeve phone jacks on all mono in channels for direct connectivity with the widest possible range of In sources. The stereo ins have both unbalanced RCA pin jack and phone jack pairs. All mono inputs also feature Tip-ring-sleeve insert jacks that can be used to insert external signal processors into the signal path of the corresponding channel.

Hi-Z in for Direct Guitar or Bass Recording
Not all guitar and bass recording situations required amps, microphones, and a soundproof studio. You can conveniently connect an electric guitar or bass straight to the "B" in of channel 4 on the n8 or channel 8 on the n12 and engage the input Hi-Z switch for optimum matching and sound.

Effective Musical EQ
Like compression, artful EQ can dramatically enhance a mix in many ways. The n-series equalizers have been created through an lots of study of the most musical and desirable mixers used by leading artists and engineers throughout the world. They offer a finely-balanced and dynamic relationship between EQ curve, frequency ranges, and other factors that give you truly musical control. 3-band equalizers with sweepable midrange on each channel deliver totally satisfying, potent EQ control that can take your music to a higher level.

High-resolution Rev-X Reverb
Yamaha's Rev-X digital reverb algorithm is renowned for its high resolution and extraordinarily natural sound. The n-series mixers offer this leading technology made in. You have a choice of hall, room, and plate reverb simulations with reverb time and level control. This superlative reverb processor can be used for wet monitoring while recording plus for adding ambience during final mixdown.

Dimmer and Mute Switches
These useful functions are normally only found on large studio mixers, but you'll be glad Yamaha has included them on the n8 and n12. As you'd expect, the mute switch mutes or un-mutes the console's output, while the dimmer switch reduces the out to a level that is still audible but allows conversation or phone calls. The advantage of the dimmer switch is that you can simply tap it a second time and be precisely back at optimum monitoring level without having to reset faders or level controls.

Source Select and Level Control
The n8 has source selectors for DAW (the stereo output from the DAW running on your computer), ST (the console's stereo bus), AUX (the console's auxiliary bus), and 2TR (the console's 2-track inputs), while the n12 additionally features a "5.1" source selector for surround monitoring. The console's surround monitoring capabilities are impressive, with bass management, down-mixing, and other features you'd normally only find on high-end pro gear. You can even use the console for top-quality surround playback from pre-recorded sources such as DVDs and computer sources, giving you a chance to hear how top engineers approach surround production on your own monitor speakers. But although they provide pro capabilities, the n-series mixers make general monitoring hassle-free: simply select the signal you want to monitor and spin the big CONTROL ROOM LEVEL knob to set the ideal monitoring level.

Surround Monitoring and Bass Management
The n12 features three pairs of speaker outputs that can be used for full 5.1 surround monitoring: front left and right, center and subwoofer, and rear left and right. If you don't need surround capability the outputs can simply be used to switch between different stereo pairs for comparison. When the 5.1 mode is selected all three output pairs are active, with the speaker selectors functioning as temporary mute switches. Bass management is also implemented for optimum matching between the full-range speakers and subwoofer. A down mix switch that lets you instantly collapse the 5.1 outputs to stereo.

Solo Level Control
Solo switches on every input channel let you monitor one channel or any group of channels within a mix without having to change settings on any of the other channels. The n-series mixers even provide a pre-fader listen switch for pre-fader solo monitoring, and a solo level control that lets you adjust the solo monitoring level as required. This is another feature usually only found on large, expensive mixers.

Talkback with Built-in Microphone
Another n12-specific feature is a built-in talkback microphone and talkback switch with level control for efficient engineer-artist communication. When talkback is engaged the dimmer is also engaged automatically.

One Function per Control
Another reason the n8 and n12 are eminently predictable and really simple to use is that nothing is hidden below the surface. There are no layers, no multi-functions controls there isn't even an LCD display. Each and every knob, switch, and fader does exactly what it says it does, and nothing else. Stated another way, that means you always know what you're doing, and there are no surprises to delay your progress.

24-bit, 96-kHz Digital Quality
What you won't see but will definitely hear is the superb audio quality delivered by the digital technology inside. 24-bit 96-kHz processing is the de-facto standard for pro audio, and that's what's happening inside the n8 and n12 chassis. The extraordinary Sweet Spot Morphing Compressors, channel equalizers, and Rev-X reverb processor are all made possible by state-of-the-art Yamaha digital technology too.

Yamaha n12 Features:
    • 12-ch/2-bus
    • 8 microphone pres
    • 11 faders/100mm
    • 1 aux send
    • 24-bit/96kHz
    • Channels 1-8: XLR/TRS jacks with Inserts and +48V Phantom Power; Channel 8 supports Hi-Z input (switchable)
    • Channels 9-12: Unbalanced Phone jacks /RCA jacks
    • 2 Track In: RCA jacks
    • Stereo out: TRS/RCA jacks L/R
    • Control Room out A/B/C: Tip-ring-sleeve jacks L/R
    • Aux out 1/2: Tip-ring-sleeve jacks
    • 2x IEEE1394 (FireWire)
    • MIDI I/O
    • Footswitch input
    • Cubase AI4 Software included

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