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Allen & Heath ZED-R16 (No Longer Available)

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the Allen & Heath ZED-R16 is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Premium A&H Sound!

The Allen & Heath ZED-R16 bridges the live mixer and studio mixer gap while adding a wealth MIDI-mappable controls, so it's even more versatile in the control room or in front of the stage. Equipped with FireWire and ADAT I/O, the Allen & Heath ZED-R16 can handle an impressive 26 ins and 26 outs at once. It also sports first-class preamplifiers and a fully-featured EQ section, complete with two swept parametric mids and high- and low-shelving. For intense mixing at a sweet value, look no further than the ZED-R16.

Allen & Heath ZED-R16 16-channel FireWire Analog Mixer
    • Also suited for the stage
    • Fully-featured EQ section
    • Excellent microphone preamplifiers
    • Software-ready with MIDI-assignable controls
    • Awesome for the studio
    • Flexible output section

Amazing for the studio
With its FireWire connectivity and its versatile I/O options, the Allen & Heath ZED-R16 is a awesome mixer for any high-level project studio. It can handle 18 tracks of FireWire at a time, giving each channel its own track within your DAW - either pre-EQ or post-EQ. Two aux buses can feed headphone amps in the studio or FX sends, and the built-in condenser talkback microphone can be routed to either the aux outs or studio outs, adding flexibility. The ZED-R16 also features MIDI-assignable faders and a MIDI transport section, giving it premium control surface functionality.

Also suited for the stage
Take the Allen & Heath ZED-R16 between the studio and the stage seamlessly. Its two pre and two post aux buses work sweet for FX sends or for wedge foldback live. What's more, its complete EQ section and great-sounding microphone preamplifiers, coupled with its FireWire functionality, make it a killer choice for house of worship, educational, and corporate environments - just feed the PA system via the main XLR outs and then hook up a FireWire cable to your computer for instant recording. Mix in analog, record in digital!

Premium microphone preamplifiers
The ZED-R16's preamplifiers have been carefully designed with a symmetrical, ultra-linear circuit. Low-noise transistors are used in the front end and active feedback is used in both phases before the differential amp. The result? Super-low distortion, low noise, a high common-mode rejection ratio, and simply transparent and stunning sounding preamplifiers.

Fully-featured EQ section
Complete with two swept, fully parametric mids and high and low shelving, the ZED-R16 has a sophisticated equalization section. In fact, its EQ's design shares much with Allen & Heath's leading pro touring mixers.

Flexible output section
The ZED-R16 has two signal paths for monitoring: an output for main control room monitors and outs for an alternative set of monitors for checking mixes. The control room mix can follow either of the two main analog outputs or the digital main mix, allowing access to all main audio outs. What's more, in addition to its Firewire input and output, the ZED-R16 has 4 ADAT optical sockets. The I/O routing on the ZED-R16 is identical for the Firewire channels and the ADAT optical connection. With a combination of panel switches, the mixer is capable of an incredible 26 simultaneous inputs and outputs. Feed the ZED-R16 from ADAT lightpipe gear, or record straight out from 16 channels to 2 ADAT machines, or to another sound card.

Software-ready with MIDI-assignable controls
ZED-R16 is equipped with a host of MIDI control options. Plus the four dedicated MIDI faders, 12 rotary controllers, 12 switches, and five dedicated transport switches, all channel faders can also be switched to become MIDI faders. Use your faders to mix the live signal while recording via FireWire - then assign out the faders via MIDI for digital mixdown - the ZED-R16 opens up a host of possibilities for studio use while maintaining a familiar, live-friendly analog format. In addition, the ZED-R16 comes with Cakewalk SONAR LE music production software, so you can get recording right away.

Allen & Heath ZED-R16 16-channel FireWire Analog Mixer Features:
    • Two FireWire ports for recording and daisy-chaining
    • 4 ADAT ports
    • 16 mono inputs / microphone preamplifiers
    • 2 stereo in puts
    • 4-band fully-parametric EQ
    • 4 aux sends
    • 1 stereo bus
    • 2 stereo returns
    • Built-in condenser talkback mic
    • Can record pre or post EQ
    • JetPLL jitter-reduction technology
    • Lots of MIDI control options
    • Cakewalk SONAR LE music production software
    • Mac driver/firmware package offers OS X 10.10 Yosemite support

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