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Take Time Compression and Expansion to an Extreme!

We heard a sneak preview of Avid's X-Form time compression/expansion and pitch shifting plug-in. To say we were impressed is an understatement. This incredible algorithm works on mono and polyphonic loops or even full-spectrum audio. It features streamlined controls, multichannel and multi-input phase-coherent processing, time compression/expansion with a 12.5% to 800% range (1/8 - 8x), and pitch shifting at three octaves from original pitch. Available for all Pro Tools and Avid DNA systems, it's ideal for music production, sound design, post production, and will likely be indispensable tool for gamers.

Avid X-Form at a Glance:
    • Extreme stretching with amazing sound quality
    • Two time-stretch/pitch-shift algorithms
    • Brain-dead simple control

Two time-stretch/pitch-shift algorithms
To help give you the best results with a wide bunch of source material, X-Form offers a choice of two time-stretching/pitch-shifting algorithms. The Polyphonic algorithm is ideal for use on complex audio files, such as chords or an entire stereo mix. This algorithm is truly "best in breed," and when used with the Transient Sensitivity control, it lets you compress or stretch drum loops and other percussive material without losing crucial attack transients. When working with solo instruments or vocals, go with the Monophonic algorithm. Naturally, experimenting with both algorithms is the key to obtaining the perfect effect.

Extreme stretching with amazing sound quality
Each of X-Form's algorithms was designed to provide exceptional results capable of preserving proper stereo imaging, attack transients, and timing accuracy-even at extreme settings. With X-Form, you can process files within a mind-blowing range of 12.5 to 800 percent of the original length (1/8 to 8x the original duration). The pitch shifting is equally impressive, allowing you to shift a file up or down three octaves with proper formant correction-even on polyphonic material-so the audio sounds completely natural. How is this possible? The secret is the X-Form plug-in's frequency domain processing, a technology proven more effective than the "frame overlap" algorithms used in most time-stretching products.

Easy-to-get control
Fortunately, X-Form makes using this intense technology ultra-intuitive. Simply go with an algorithm and let X-Form do the rest. While other products require you to experiment with a myriad of confusing controls to get the desired results, X-Form delivers natural-sounding time stretching and pitch shifting via one "Time Shift" control and the Process button. The X-Form algorithm can even be used from within the TCE Trim Tool (for Pro Tools 7.2 or higher). Whether you work in post and need to fit audio to video clips, or produce music and want to tune a performance or sync up loops, X-Form rocks seamlessly integrated pro time stretching and pitch shifting within Pro Tools.

Avid X-Form Features:
    • AudioSuite plug-in for Pro Tools|HD, LE, and M-Powered
    • Pro and flexible time stretching and formant-correct pitch shifting for monophonic and polyphonic audio material
    • Minimal controls for simplified workflow and pro results
    • Easy-to-read display fields for viewing audio region start and stop times for both processed and unprocessed files in multiple timebase formats
    • Pro Tools TCE Trim Tool (for Pro Tools 7.2 or higher) support for increased time-stretching/pitch-shifting workflow efficiency
    • Multichannel and multi-input phase-coherent processing
    • Pro time compression/expansion with 12.5- to 800-percent range for processing a file from 1/8 to eight times its original duration
    • Pro pitch shifting from three octaves below to three octaves above the original pitch
    • AudioSuite file-based processing; supports Pro Tools|HD, Pro Tools LE, Pro Tools M-Powered, and Avid DNA systems

Avid X-Form Plug-in Specs:
Software Type Time Compression/Expansion and Pitch Manipulation Tool
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Download
Format AudioSuite
Hardware Requirements - Mac Intel Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM
Hardware Requirements - PC Intel Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.6 or Later
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, XP

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