SWR WorkingPro 700 (No Longer Available)

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the SWR WorkingPro 700 is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Big-time Bass Tone!

It's SWR's newest big-gig powerhouse, the WorkingPro 700 - an amp that works as hard as you do! Loud and proud at 700 watts, and packed with new features and pro, time-tested SWR tone, the WorkingPro 700 is destined to become the newest classic SWR amp. The lightning-quick solid-state preamplifier and renowned Aural Enhancer circuitry provide natural richness and crystal clarity, while the 3-band active EQ lets you dial in your tone in seconds flat. Then add in the brand new, exclusive Bass Intensifier - which literally thickens the low-end response at the frequency range of your choice - and you've got an amp that will last you through gigs of any size and style. Get into the WorkingPro 700 and get some respect!

SWR WorkingPro 700 Bass Amp at a Glance:
    • Active and Passive inputs
    • One-of-a-kind Aural Enhancer control
    • 700 watts of power for any size gig
    • 3-band tone controls, plus a built-in limiter
    • New Bass Intensifier makes your amp sound bigger!
    • Multiple out options

Size amd power for any size gig
The WorkingPro 700 delivers famous SWR bass sound in a rack-mountable head that you can mix and match with cabinets for small, mid-size, or even large-venue gigs. With 700 watts RMS at 4 ohms (450 at 8 ohms), the WorkingPro 700 can punch through even the thickest mix to deliver round bass tones.

New Bass Intensifier makes your amp sound bigger!
SWR's exclusive Bass Intensifier circuit is a brand new feature on the WorkingPro 700 amp. This bass boost/compression circuit maximizes the built-in power of the amp. The Bass Intensifier takes a player-selected group of bass and lower-midrange frequencies and "intensifies" them to provide extra "meat" and "punch" to the attack of every note played. It actually makes the WorkingPro 700 sound like a 700 watt amp!

One-of-a-kind Aural Enhancer control
A big part of the WorkingPro 700 "sound" is the SWR-exclusive Aural Enhancer circuit. The Aural Enhancer was developed to bring out the fundamental low notes of the bass, reduce certain frequencies that can "mask" fundamentals, and enhance the high-end transients. The effect becomes more pronounced as the control is turned up. The result is a more transparent sound. Listening to a passive bass on the WorkingPro 700 with the control set all the way down, and then turning it all the way up, can be likened to listening to the bass suddenly become "active."

3-band tone controls, plus a built-in limiter
Sculpting your own personal sound is important, and the WorkingPro 700 offers a 3-band set of level controls. The Bass and Treble controls are centered around 80Hz (Bass) and 5kHz (Treble), and each can cut or boost its band a max of 15dB. The Mid Range controls comprise a level control and a frequency control knob. A "center click" position defeats each control's function. The WorkingPro 700 Limiter circuit is a soft-knee type limiter that prevents distortion of attack transients or peaks. The limiter can be used as an effect and is also helpful in preventing speaker damage.

Active and Passive inputs
Whether your bass has active or passive electronics the WorkingPro 700 can handle it. Two separate and independent in jacks are provided so that the best signal-to-noise ratio can be obtained without overloading the preamplifier section. The Passive in has over twice the gain than that of the Active in. Both ins can be used at once without affecting the volume or tone of the other. A awesome alternative use of these ins would be to plug your bass into the Passive input and practice plus a drum machine by plugging it into the Active input. you can also engage the built-in 10dB pad to tame overly aggressive ins.

Multiple out options
The WorkingPro 700 also offers plenty of output options. A balanced XLR output is provided, with no front-panel controls affecting its signal. Tone and output level are controlled only by the instrument plugged into one of the input jacks. Run an XLR cable from the balanced output to a tape machine, mixing console, etc. This output is also perfect for sending a signal to a house mixer in live situations. The To Tuner send jack - with a new Mute function - lets you connect your instrument tuner to the WorkingPro 700 without having to unplug and go back and forth from amp to tuner to amp. An extension speaker jack makes adding speaker cabinets to your rig simple, and a sidechain effects loop allows connection of outboard effects processors. To top it off, the WorkingPro 700 includes a headphone jack to let you practice without disturbing your neighbors!

SWR WorkingPro 700 Bass Amp at a Glance:
    • Rack-mountable bass amp with 700 watts RMS at 4 ohms, 450 watts at 8 ohms
    • New SWR-exclusive Bass Intensifier boost/compression circuit adds punch to low frequencies
    • Exclusive Aural Enhancer circuitry focuses bass tone
    • Active and passive signal inputs with pad
    • 3-band EQ circuits plus Transparency control
    • Side-chain effects loop
    • Tuning Mute switch with LED indicator
    • Automatic Limiter with defeat switch and active LED indicator
    • Two-button footswitch for Bass Intensifier and Tuning Mute

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