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Peavey Vypyr 30

Writen by J.Pesce from Sweden
November 16, 2010
Music Background: Pro Musician
I bought this to performs guitar clinics/workshops with and give lessons and not have to drag my extremely heavy boutique pedal board and a tube amp. I bought the Sanpera 2 pedal board too with it.
I've done a half a dozen or so clinics now so far with it, and have been asked by many what amp and effects I'm using. For live, it sounds great. The effects are stellar, really, and it weighs next to nothing,so you wont break your back carrying it out of your car to your gig. This amp is quite inexpensive too which is a plus!

The down sides
1. There's a built in noise gate that you can't turn off as of yet that can stifle the tone a bit.It acts also like a compressor, but in a not so musical way. For live, no problem, because of excess noise from people, atmosphere, etc..but I wouldn't record professionally with this. The last two rants are regarding the pedal board, not the amp...

2. The tuner display on the pedal board is tiny and very hard to see.
3. The looper can only be used once, meaning you can't keep overlapping parts in the time frame allowed, and the looper is tricky in the beginning to get it to loop properly. It's not self quantizing llike Boss looper pedals.
4. If you change patches too quickly and a lot, there is the rare occasion the amp can crash on you with no sound coming out and it needs to be restarted again. Hasn't happened live, but at home a few times.

I've tweaked and programmed my own settings with this and I'm very happy with it for what I use it for. You can get great blues, country, and jazz tones besides the rock tones Peavey is known for. I even made a patch similar to John Mayer's, "I Don't Trust Myself" using the auto envelope filter. Sounds great! Amazing reverb and delays too... 4 out of 5 stars

Peavey Vypyr 30 Modeling Combo - 30 Watt - 1x12"

30W 1 x 12 Guitar Combo Amp with 22 Effects, Onboard Tuner and Looper, TransTube Technology, MIDI, and Headphone Output

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