TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 (No Longer Available)

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the TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Studio-quality Polish and Stage-ready Harmony FX

If you've ever tried to get backup vocals from your band, then you know what a chore it is to achieve even simple doubling or two-part harmonies onstage. Between raging egos and painfully tone-deaf would-be vocalists, it's usually more trouble than its worth. And what can you do if you're a solo act? Don't give up hope, get a TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2! Unlike the vocal harmonizers of by-gone years that were only good if you wanted to sound like your backup singers were a bunch of androids with misplaced artistic ambitions, the TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 gives you everything from realistically human-sounding, gender-selectable doubling and harmonies to complex eight-part choirs, all of which follow your music perfectly!

The trick is in the way the TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 tracks your pitch. While you can use it without plugging in an instrument, the VoiceLive 2 really shines when you add instrumentation. Rather than following a preset pattern that's based on the note you're singing, the VoiceLive 2 can use MIDI from your keyboard or audio your guitar or backing tracks to figure out the chords it needs to generate. And you don't need some fancy hex pickup on your guitar or specially formatted backing music — just plug in your guitar or MP3 player, and the ViceLive 2 will listen and follow along, generating up to four different, natural-sounding harmonies. Each of these can further split into a unison double or a pair of distinctly different sounding voices for a full-scale choir effect — just imagine squeezing a real choir onto a bar or coffee shop stage!

Ever take some of that studio magic onstage to give your voice some extra polish? Now you can! The TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 has tons of sweet effects and functions. You get six effects blocks for reverb, delay, distortion, megaphone effects, and more. But even cooler than its effects are the VoiceLive 2's automatic processors. Kick in its tone function, and you get EQ, de-essing, and compression that follows your singing style and adjusts on the fly, so you end up with super-smooth vocals that never sound crushed or lifeless the way that regular dynamics can leave them. The VoiceLive 2 can also automatically duck effects like delay and reverb, so you can let the tails ring out in all of their glory, and when you start singing again, they gently dive under your voice. The effect is that your lyrics stay clear and appear to have more ambience to them. Seriously, you can't pay most sound guys to do that right!

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 Vocal Harmonizer and Effects Pedal Features:
  • Wizard button helps you find the right preset
  • Stompbox access to six effect blocks
  • One button access to global tone, pitch and guitar effects
  • Easy editing of all parameters
  • Simple preset chaining with Step feature
  • USB for updates, back-ups and audio streaming
  • Control harmonies with guitar, MIDI or MP3 input
  • Up to eight voices with MIDI keyboard control or 4 doubled harmonies
  • All new algorithm is smooth and natural even for extreme vocal styles
  • Auto sensing of harmony control instrument
  • 5X processing power of typical floor processor
  • Separate harmony and doubling blocks
  • New reverb, tap delay,Mod
  • FX block for T-Pain effect, megaphone, distortion
  • Global effects including tone, pitch correction, and guitar effects
  • All effects can be used simultaneously
  • Tone tailors adaptive EQ, compression and de-ess to your voice
  • Adaptive gate reduces mic input when you're not singing
  • Digital mic-gain control is engaged with your feet
  • Mic or Line input with digital controlled mic gain
  • Guitar input with auto-mix , guitar effects as well as transparent pass-thru
  • Stereo 1/8" (MP3 player) input
  • Stereo XLR,1/4" and Headphone outputs
  • MIDI in, out and thru
  • Expression pedal input
  • USB for updates, back-up and audio streaming
  • Natural curve puts footswitches at comfortable angle
  • Recessed rubberized handle
  • Bright LCD and large lettering
  • Rubberized end caps and edit/mix knobs
  • Super-tough extruded aluminum and steel chassis
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