Cakewalk V-Studio 20 (No Longer Available)

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the Cakewalk V-Studio 20 is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Guitarists, This Recording System Was Made for You!

If you play guitar, you've got ideas in your head - no question about it. The thing is, there aren't that many "guitarist-friendly" recording solutions out there. Sure, you could put a portable recorder in the room with you when you jam and play, but you can't take those tracks and then produce them very easily. You'd need another piece of gear, right? Well, listen up - and tell your jamming buddies - because FINALLY, someone has paid close attention to you, your composing goals, and your recording dreams. The Cakewalk V-Studio 20 is the does-it-all solution for the modern guitarist and it's offered a price that's just too awesome to pass up.

Here's the scoop. The Cakewalk V-Studio 20 is one part USB audio interface and one part control surface. It has lots of other parts too, but we'll start with these two. You can connect the V-Studio 20 to your PC via USB and use the included Guitar Tracks recording software to record 32 tracks into your computer. The whole time you're recording, you can use the transport buttons (record, stop, play, etc.) and the sliders to get your hands on your mix, so you spend less time mousing around on the computer screen. That's a bonus. But stay tuned.

Sure, there are lots of ways you can record into a computer. But what makes the Cakewalk V-Studio 20 so awesome is that it has real-deal BOSS effects built into it. That way, you don't need to worry about miking up your guitar amp and recording that way (although, you could totally do that using the built-in microphone input). Just plug your guitar or bass straight into the Hi-Z input and toy with 36 genuine BOSS-powered, COSM DSP effects. You've got those classics you've seen and used on pedalboards forever... compression, overdrive/distortion, chorus/modulation, delay, etc. And there are 50 presets so you can dive into proven tonal directions right away.

Here's something else you'll appreciate. When you're jamming with your band and you don't care to put microphones on everybody, but you DO want to capture your latest idea, you can use the Cakewalk V-Studio 20 to get it done. Thanks to the built-in stereo microphones, you can stick this awesome guitar gadget in the room and capture the entire jam session right to your computer. And keep in mind, since the hardware and the included software share a similar user interface, it's easy to make on-the-fly adjustments - no matter which band member needs to be running the sound at any given time.

Factor in the XLR microphone input... with built-in harmony, pitch correction, reverb, and compression effects (and more!), and you can see how the Cakewalk V-Studio 20 is a complete solution for the singer/songwriter or any guitarist wanting to get out there and start recording and producing tracks. You get all the software you need to get going with the V-Studio. All you need is your guitar, a cable, and a computer... and you're on your way to your first pro demo.

Cakewalk V-Studio 20 USB Interface and Control Surface Features at a Glance:
  • USB audio interface and hands-on control surface (Mac/PC)
  • Features built-in DSP-powered BOSS effects for guitar and voice
  • Total of 36 genuine BOSS effects and 50 presets
  • Stereo built-in microphones for instant recording
  • Inputs for your own microphone and instrument
  • Also includes connections for monitors, headphones, pedals, and footswitches
  • Easy to understand - the hardware matches the software with tight integration
  • Includes Guitar Tracks recording software for up to 32-track recording
  • Software features 11 stunning effects, 1GB of loops/songs/backing tracks, and the Roland TTS-1 synthesizer
  • Compression Effects: Compressor, Limiter, Pedal Wah, T. Wah, Pre EQ, Slow Gear, Single Hum, Hum Single, AC Sim, Radio Voice
  • Overdrive/distortion effects: Booster, Natural, OD-1, Blues, Distortion, Metal, Core, Fuzz, Bass Drive, Vocal
  • Modulation effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Pan, Rotary, Uni-V, 3-band EQ
  • Delay effects: Single, Pan, Stereo, Modulate, Analog, Tempo
  • Reverb effects: Room, Hall
  • Extra effects: Vocal mode with built-in harmony and pitch correction
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