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DigiTech Vocalist Live FX (No Longer Available)

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the DigiTech Vocalist Live FX is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Achieve Jaw-dropping Vocal Perfection!

Aside from a basic modicum of talent, the DigiTech Vocalist Live FX pedal gives you everything you need to produce studio-quality vocals live. This sleek and absolutely roadworthy processor lets you dial in anything from subtle polish to off-the-wall crazy vocal effects, providing you with the right sound for any style or musical genre. All of the Vocalist Live FX pedal's options live right below the surface, so you never have to dig deep to find the settings you need. This makes the DigiTech Vocalist Live FX one of the most powerful, accessible, and easy-to-use vocal processing pedals you're likely to ever run across.

Let's take a look at the DigiTech Vocalist Live FX's Golden Channel section. The Golden Channel is kind of like having your own personal sound tech who's determined to provide you with the best possible sound. There are a number of different base settings to choose from, which utilize dbx compression and tone-shaping EQ curves to provide you with amazing baseline vocal sound. When you dive in a bit, the Vocalist Live FX lets you dial in eight useful elements of your sound to get the exact tone you want. These processors include Warmth, Noise Gate, Low Cut, EQ, De-Esser, Ambience, and Pitch Correction.

On top of the Golden Channel, the DigiTech Vocalist Live FX provides you with seven phenomenal effects you can use to add excitement to your voice. Pitch FX covers everything from hard tuning to pure insanity, whereas the Distortion/Filter section lets you add grit and texture to your tone. Thicken up your voice with harmony and doubler effects, without recruiting backup singers. More conventional effects such as modulation and delay also add dimension to your sound, but the Vocalist Live FX's master stroke has to be the real onboard Lexicon reverb.

The hits just keep coming, especially when you look at all of the advanced options the DigiTech Vocalist Live FX serves up. For instance, there's an onboard 70-second Sound Check looper. One of the biggest benefits to an onboard looper like this is that you can record a phrase or two of your singing and then tweak the Vocalist Live FX's processors and effects in comfort. You can also hook up an external footswitch and trigger the looper remotely for fun performance options.

Another super-useful function on the Vocalist Live FX is its Live Adapt mode, which listens to incoming audio for key and tempo information, adjusting your effects settings to match. Last but not least, the DigiTech Vocalist Live FX pedal comes equipped with real dbx 12-band feedback elimination, which can save your show from ear-mangling squeals and shrieks. So, whether you're looking for a touch of studio magic or some fun and exciting effects to enhance your sound, you definitely want to pick up a DigiTech Vocalist Live FX from

DigiTech Vocalist Live FX Vocal Processing Pedal Features at a Glance:
  • Your one-stop effects processor for smoother and more dramatic live vocals
  • Dial in anything from transparent polish to zany vocal effects
  • Gold Channel processing with dbx compression provides instant studio magic with several base options to choose from
  • 8 x independent processors (Warmth, Noise Gate, Low Cut, EQ, De-Esser, Ambience, and Pitch Correction) let you tweak your vocal sound to perfection
  • 7 x individually switchable effects include Pitch FX, Distortion/Filter, Harmony, Doubler, Modulation, Delay, and Lexicon Reverb
  • Sound Check function lets you loop up to 70 seconds of vocals so you can dial in your processing and effects in comfort
  • Hook up an external footswitch and control the Sound Check looper on the fly for fun performance options
  • Live Adapt function automatically detects the key and tempo of your music a adjusts processors and effects to match
  • 12-band dbx feedback eliminator prevents disastrous feedback from ruining your show
  • Aux input lets you perform to backing tracks
  • Headphone output provides monitoring for private practice
  • Loaded with 99 killer presets and 99 slots to create your own recallable user settings
  • Built for the stage with a rugged metal chassis and an easy-to-read LCD display
  • Equipped with professional XLR I/O and +48V phantom power
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