Apogee Symphony 64 (No Longer Available)

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the Apogee Symphony 64 is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Serious Processing Power!

Apogee's Symphony 64 card is a digital computer interface based on the PCIe architecture for Apple's newest Mac Pro computers. Controlled by Apogee's Maestro software, Symphony features 64 channels of digital I/O on one PCIe card format. With support for sample rates up to 192kHz, Symphony 64 can be used as a digital router or patch bay when connected to external converters or other digital outboard gear. Software drivers for Symphony 64 feature lots of routing capabilities and totally low latency performance making totally high channel, high quality native recording with Apogee converters a reality. Symphony 64 sets a new audio standard for native workstations!

Apogee Symphony 64 at a Glance:
    • Up to 128 simultaneous channels of audio
    • Next Generation Workstation
    • Extended Audio Routing
    • Symphony 64 PCIe card
    • Simple interface control with Maestro software
    • Apple's Mac Pro

Up to 128 simultaneous channels of audio
With the ability to install two cards in Apple's Mac Pro, Symphony 64 offers high end, pro users the capability to utilize up to 128 channels of audio at once in one computer. Symphony can provide more than enough I/O for even the biggest sessions.

Simple interface control with Maestro software
Symphony 64 comes with Maestro, an innovative software interface between OS X jobs (OS 10.4.11 and above) and Apogee hardware. Maestro is capable of controlling Apogee hardware I/O connected to the computer via FireWire, Symphony 64, or both at the same time. Maestro features multiple low-latency mixers, hardware control panels, an input/output routing matrix that is compatible with Rosetta 800, Rosetta 200, AD-16X and DA-16X and a universal control platform for using Apogee hardware in combination with Ensemble.

Apple's Mac Pro
Apple's 8-core Intel Mac Pro is the muscle of The Symphony Rig and can surpass any combination of multi-DSP card-based systems in capability, affordability, and value. The dynamic allocation of processor power, on an "as needed basis" means resources as and when you need them with processors and power to spare. If you are building a workstation, which will demand hundreds of plug-ins, power hungry reverbs and massive sampled instruments, The Apple "Mac Tower Of Power" is key and Symphony 64 is made to hit the stage with the Mac Pro.

Symphony 64 PCIe card
The core of the Symphony System is the Symphony 64 PCIe card. With the flexibility of up to 64 channels of input and out Symphony 64 doubles the amount of I/O previously available on one Symphony card. And, the Symphony PCIe driver design offers and elegant and rock solid connection capable of delivering incredibly low latency. The pairing of Symphony's superior driver performance and the brute strength of Apple's Mac Pro has a superior foundation for any Core Audio based studio and sets the stage for cutting-edge technologies like Symphony's SBus and VBus.

Next Generation Workstation
The Symphony System excels on several levels - the award-winning sound quality of Apogee's AD&DA Converters, the groundbreaking power of Apple's Mac Pro, and the stability and ultra low latency performance of the Symphony 64 card. This combination rocks a flexible, stable, high-end solution for customers seeking a workstation compatible with any Core Audio application. And, because Symphony utilizes the power of the Mac Pro for plug-in processing, customers are spared the expense of a high priced DSP card.

Extended Audio Routing
Symphony 64 features Extended Audio Routing with VBus and SBus technology. VBus allows users to route demanding, stand-alone software instruments, straight between Core Audio based jobs, instead of running them as plug-ins. Symphony's SBus doubles the DSP power of The Symphony System by facilitating the communication of digital audio between Symphony equipped Macs with one cable. Now it is possible to route audio to a second computer and back again for plug-in processing, sample libraries, soft-synth players, and session transfers from one Core Audio application to another.

Apogee Symphony 64 Features:
    • 64 channels of 24-bit/192kHz digital I/O per card
    • Up to 128 channels of I/O per Mac Pro
    • Near zero latency performance
    • Connects straight to Apogee's X-Series and Rosetta Series converters via the X-Symphony option card
    • Apogee's VBus - virtual routing within a Core Audio application or between multiple jobs.
    • Apogee's SBus - 32 channel, 192kHz digital audio network between two Mac computers
    • Apogee's Maestro Software for cutting-edge control and routing
    • Compatibility with any Core Audio application

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