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Sony Sound Series Downloadable Loops & Samples - Standard Collection (No Longer Available)

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the Sony Sound Series Downloadable Loops & Samples - Standard Collection is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Sweet Collection of Loops!

Time to get some new loops? Sony's got what you want. When you buy a Sound Series Standard Collection pass, you get access to a whole world of loops from Sony. Here's what you do: get the box, follow the link, check out the loop libraries, and use the provided serial number to set up your exclusive download. To give you a full taste of Sony's Sound Series Collections, you get a bonus disk with 500 extra loops representing Sony's entire Sound Series catalog. Sound Series Standard Collection sample libraries are found in studios everywhere, and represent unrivaled values in music construction material.

Sony Sound Series Standard Collection Download Pass Features at a Glance:
    • A bonus disk loaded with 500 loops pulled from all 150 Sound Series Collection libraries
    • Your choice of one complete loop and sample library from Sony's Sound Series Standard Collection

Check out the list of killer sound libraries you get to go with from:

8 Bit Weapon: A Chiptune Odyssey — A massive collection of chiptune style loops and samples created using classic computers and video game mixers.

ACID Techno Expander Pack — A complete kit giving you the materials to make electronica with superb sonic balance and fidelity.

Afterhours EDM: Electronic Dance Music — Fifteen templates packed with vibrant e-music instrumentation provide ultimate flexibility in this eclectic collection for the late night club set.

American Piano — Old school country blues, stride, and country rock & ballad loops, performed by a seasoned pro and edited to perfection.

Aural E: Eclectic Electronica — An electronica construction kit with electroacoustic processing, media manipulation, realtime performances, striking sound effects, stinger and stager elements, and more.

Available Light: Natural Music for Cinema — Maintain accurate, micro-level control over timeline cues, anticipation, tension, and emotional impact with this essential film music resource.

Bass Taster — A superbly played and recorded bass library containing acoustic, standard and fretless electric, synth bass, and Chapman Stick loops.

Bhangra Breaks: South Asian Beats & Bass — DJ Rekha and noted bhangra producer Sunil Sehgal deliver the core elements of contemporary bhangra, wrapped in the urban underground vibe of the NYC Basement Bhangra scene.

Bill Laswell: Volume I False Encryptions — Bill Laswell reveals secret codes from the 2" analog underground in Volume I of the Bill Laswell Collection.

Bill Laswell: Volume II Undocument — From beats and hits to esoteric effects and guitars, explore 450 megabytes of sonic brilliance made to sculpt inside the ACID workspace.

Bill Laswell: Volume III Letter of Law — The basic principles of Bill Laswell's production genius delivered intact, replete with cellos, sitars, synths, and drum 'n' bass parts.

Black Paint: Indie Rock Anthems — From pop to garage rock to emo screamo, Black Paint comes with everything except the keys to the tour van.

Blip: Glitch Electronica — Blip is an astounding library that contains meticulously produced audio assets designed specifically for the production of glitch electronica music.

Bradley Fish: High Strung — Chapter Three in the Bradley Fish storybook includes acoustic and electric guitars, low slung bass, world music accents, and more.

Bradley Fish: Restrung — Rock, folk, blues, Asian, Arabic, and electronic forms converge in a construction kit that's fun, flexible, and overflowing with possibilities.

Bradley Fish: Unstrung — A grooving, wicked stringed instrument library with rock and metal guitars, shimmering acoustic riffs, zithers, dulcimers, sitars, and more.

Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Synths — A collection of gnarly synth lines and noises for applying negative Feng Shui to all your techno, industrial, and dark hip-hop tracks.

Bunker 8: Nu Groove Pop — An R&B flavored dance music construction kit full of beats, bass lines, melody loops, and instrumental motifs.

Bunker 8: Progressive House Dynamics — Deliciously dark, surprisingly funky, and rhythmically relentless, Progressive House Dynamics features 20 construction kits of banging dance floor anthems.

Caliente: Reggaeton Construction Kit — Blaze up your DAW with these 15 session folders and get low with authentic Dem Bow rhythms and fierce instrumentation.

Chicago Fire: Deep House — Jackin' beats, sun-kissed grooves, and authentic Chicago production elements from Trax Records co-founder Vince Lawrence.

Chicago Fire: Drum 'n' Bass — Fierce and frenetic drum 'n' bass with that industrial Chicago flavor, brought to you by pioneering producer Vince Lawrence.

Chicago Fire: Electro — Bodyrock movements, breakbeat anthems, and fresh acid disco from Vince Lawrence and the Slang MusicGroup enterprise.

Chicago Fire: Old School — Classic gear and classic themes resurrected and perfected by Chicago dance music pioneer Vince Lawrence.

Chicago Fire: Progressive — Raw, progressive electronica infused with that unmistakable Chicago vibe, crafted by Trax Records co-founder Vince Lawrence.

Cinematic Funk: Urban Tone Poems — Lukecage gets deep on this soul-infused collection of smoky hip-hop and R&B rare groove artifacts.

Cinematix Volume 1 — A wide bunch of high-energy, high-impact ACIDized audio assets, including loops, complete music beds, stingers, and sound effects.

Cinematix Volume 2 — A wide wide range of high-energy, high-impact ACIDized audio assets, including loops, complete music beds, stingers, and sound effects.

Designer Dance Tools — Enroll yourself in Dance Music 101. DDT is a perfect balance of DJ and rave culture beats, basses, decks, and FX.

Diamond Cuts: Hip-Hop Gems — A bottomless trunk full of urban construction kits and precious stone grooves from multifaceted hip-hop producer lukecage.

Dirty Disco: Nouveau Breakbeat — Flashy, trashy breaks with a flair for the dramatic, Dirty Disco is dance floor gold tempered with a rhinestone studded fist.

Discrete Drums: Volume I — Sparkling rock/pop acoustic kit drum and percussion grooves, customizable to meet the tweakiest pro music production needs.

Discrete Drums: Volume II — The Discrete Drums production team provides loops with incredible options for customizing every aspect of your rhythm track!

Downtempo Beats — A construction kit collection of low slung, well hung grooves that emit the inescapable vibe of the downtempo scene.

Downtempo/Hip-Hop: The Hybrid Series — A bale of loop content and sophisticated ACID Projects, all baked into a big downloadable chunk and offered at an unbeatable price.

Drum Tools — Two complete libraries - the exclusive Sony edition of the classic Drum Tools collection includes the Laid Back library as bonus.

Either/Or Electronica — A complete IDM electronica construction kit produced by Twine's Greg Malcolm, working entirely within the internationally renowned Twine sound space.

Electro Lounge — A construction kit full of mellow grooves, intelligently funky basses, and sparkly ear candy, for making smooth, laid back tracks.

Electronic Point-Blank — A complete construction kit crafted by Mark Pistel (Meat Beat Manifesto, Consolidated) aimed squarely at the underground techno/dance music scene.

Esoterik Beatz — A trippin' rhythm generator for all beats underground, minimal, downtempo, experimental, and in every way phat and unbelievable.

Essential Sounds I — The grand finale in our reissue series, these are the most primordial loops ever to carry ACIDization metadata in their DNA.

Essential Sounds III — A comprehensive collection of drum, guitar, and keyboard loops, funky bass grooves, game-sound elements, and more!

Euro Techno — No imported cheese here, just uptempo dance rhythms and trancy, high energy synths programmed with unmistakable European flare.

Evolver: Distinctive Electronica — Eclectic eccentrics 3kStatic explore all modes of electronica to bring you over 500 one-of-a-kind loops and samples.

Flammable: Club Joints & Street Anthems — Hip-hop construction kit includes 15 song starters. Royalty free use means your club bangin' tracks are clean from the start.

Flow & Function: The Hip-Hop Playbook — Old school hip-hop funkadelics and deep pockets of mushroom jazz comprise our '08 entry under the bestselling lukecage nom de plume.

George Pendergast: alt.rockdrums — An assortment of one-of-a-kind grooves, complete with all the right breaks and fills you need to make complete tracks.

Global Groove: International Hip-Hop Flavor — A smoldering collection of pop-inflected dancehall, Reggaeton, and hip-hop grooves, sliced and diced into production-ready construction kits.

Groove Spectrum R&B Drums — A virtual history of R&B, from its cold sweat beginnings to the machine-driven grooves of today's smoothest chart-topping R&B hits.

Headstrong Grooves — A modern electronica dance music construction kit in the popular UK garage and 2-step styles.

Horncraft for R&B — Enjoy this tremendous collection of saxes, trumpets, and trombones produced by Blues Brothers and SNL alumnus Birch Johnson.

Hydroponic Hip-Hop — Harvest only the coolest hip-hop parts included in this completely legal construction kit from veteran library producer Brian Daly.

Iced: Minimalist Electronica — Explore modern electronic forms from dub to dirge, crisp and melodic to moonscape static, syncopated and bouncy to completely flatlined.

ILONA! Universal Female Vocal Toolkit — The perfect background vocal construction kit. Gain complete control over your harmonies! Includes a sweet selection of diva samples.

Jade Hill: Rock/Pop Guitars — A pop songwriter's toolkit of chord structures, and guitar solos that range from clean and melodic to chunky and shredded.

Jade Hill: Total Spanish Guitar — An impressive collection of old school and modern acoustic guitar performances that unfold with rich, colorful Spanish splendor.

James Johnson: Slow Silhouette — A 2 CD collection of long, sparse music segments designed for creating buildups, transitions, or even complete long form pieces of flowing, seamlessly composed music.

James Johnson: Spektral Minimalism — A collection of shifting, amorphous atmospheres, long drifting soundscapes, elegant piano passages, and textures.

Jazz Trap Kit — Everything you need to make genuine, natural-sounding jazz drum tracks in ACID, and a host of other hardware and software engines!

Joe Vitale: Junkyard Rhythms — A collection of sounds created by pounding away at metallic objects that yield max klang.

Joe Vitale: Organ Donor — The Vitale production team strikes again with Organ Donor, a comprehensive library full of classic Hammond B3 loops.

KJ Sawka presents Drum 'n' Bass and Beyond — A power packed set of mind bending drum 'n' bass, dub-step, and breakbeat tools, created by internationally known artist KJ Sawka.

Latin Hip-Hop: The Hybrid Series — Our debut Hybrid Series title delivers stunning tracks in a presentation drawn from deep within the vast Sony Sound Series archive.

Loop Noir: Paranormal Sound Design — Haunted, unearthly sound design from renowned industrial artist Nigel Ayers. A complete construction kit inspired by England's infamous Bodmin Jail.

Ma Ja Le: Ethereal Textures — A group of tribal ambient sounds, and evolving, intricate soundscapes with lush, ultra high fidelity sound quality.

Mac Money: Electro Hip-Hop — Get that clean, crisp production sound with super-smooth beats, sounds, and vocals from the Mac Money team.

Mac Money: R&B 101 — A vast array of killer beats, super phat basses, funky keyboards and guitars make this the ultimate R&B construction kit.

Machine Language — Producer/sound designer Jon Drukman (Bass Kittens, Random, Artificial Paradise) delivers a hard techno blow to the dome with this versatile library.

Machine Language II — The West Coast underground vibe continues. Acquire part two of the Drukman manifesto, expertly ACIDized and delivered right to your desktop.

Mellow Jazz/Funk Elements — Electric piano progressions and airy musical phrases, served in a chilled downtempo pocket with just a hint of funk.

Mick Fleetwood: Total Drumming — Total Drumming reveals the core of the Fleetwood style, and showcases beats that changed the course of modern music.

Microcosm: System-Integrated Electronica — A benchmark on the trail of an evolving artist, and a complete construction kit for exploring minimal electronic music forms.

Modular Electronica with Test Shot Starfish — An organic IDM construction kit with West Coast flavor, with glitch rhythm programming, lush pads, esoteric synths, and soulful bass.

Music & Sound for Film: The Editor's Companion — From Foley and title sequence effects to extended music beds and stingers, this collection is a must-have for video editors.

New Roots Reggae — Invoke the true spirit of roots, dub, and dancehall Reggae with this library of authentic instrumentation and modern electronic elements.

New York Dance — The East Coast has a flavor all its own, and producer Doug Beck captures the essence of the New York sound with this perfect blend of contemporary dance loops.

Nigel Ayers: Myths of Technology — Machine music, electro-acoustic sound design, musique concrete, and all manner of noise making, from Nocturnal Emissions' own Nigel Ayers.

Numina I: Emotional Peak Sounds for Cinema — A complete construction kit full of pure, sonorous sounds that reference common emotions and cinematic events in fresh, one-of-a-kind contexts.

Numina II: More Peak Sounds for Cinema — Lush, slowly evolving soundscapes, deep rhythms, and sustained, stackable sound elements that provide varying degrees of tension.

On The Jazz Tip — Jazz up your next production with this smooth and sexy library, packed with horns, keys, drums, and more.

Orchestral 1: Classical — Original music composed in tribute to the most beloved Baroque and Romantic period composers.

Orchestral 2: Modern — Original orchestral music celebrating late twentieth-century and contemporary milestones.

Orchestral 3: Cinematic — Complete orchestral pieces and individual instrument loops designed to enhance visual images.

Orchestral 4: Rock & Pop — String, Brass, Woodwind, and Percussion loops scored with popular music in mind.

P. Hux Power Trio — Parthenon Huxley delivers a flight case full of no frills riff rock. Enjoy 1,500 royalty-free guitar, bass and drum loops.

Platinum Theory Hip-Hop — A hip-hop playbook with classic soul roots and progressive intent. Enjoy mixing materials from more than 60 one-of-a-kind construction kits.

Pocket Diva: World Class Vocal Samples — World class vocal samples. Break out Pocket Diva for vocal drops on any track that needs a human touch.

Poptronica — Accessible, inventive electronica from Aaron Mellinger, creator of the perennially popular Aural E and Electrocution libraries. A full-on construction kit.

Prototechno — This is the pure, perennial German techno zeitgeist. A complete construction kit for making fully developed electronica tracks that just won't quit.

Pulse: Pure Analog Lifeforms — Warm analog synthesis and complex beat structures performed by Richard Devine and crafted on classic, esoteric gear.

Rhythmicronics: Processed Percussion — An intricately processed collection of feral grooves that lock up tight with all variations of esoteric electronica.

Robert Rich: Ambient Atmospheres & Rhythms — Flutes, drones, and the hypnotic minimalism that has become a Rich trademark are presented here with perfect fidelity and balance.

Rondo Brothers: Trip-Hop Loops & Samples — San Francisco's Rondo Brothers turn their trip-hop odyssey into a multi-instrumental sample library.

Rudy Sarzo: Workingman's Bass — Big pallets of thick, round-wound bottom fasteners, trimmed for optimum treble and bite, and ready for delivery.

Siggi Baldursson: Zero-Gravity Beats — Siggi's back and he brought his effects rack. Get completely weightless with this collection of out-of-this-world, futuristic beats.

Soul Jazz Experience — A large assortment of jazz/funk phrases and progressions with a hard bop/post bop influence and a biting, classic 1970s sound.

Steve Tibbetts: Friendly Fire — A singularity in the world of guitarists and producers, Steve Tibbetts offers exotic, awe-inspiring guitar and percussion layers.

Structure/Capture: Future Retro Dance Excursions —
IDM complete construction kit perfect for crafting heady, downtempo electronica or future retro broken-beat tracks on any platform.

Stylus Pressure: Urban Grooves On Digital Wax — The Stylus Pressure construction kit is pure urban magik - trippin' grooves and freaky sonic collages with the phat sound of pure vinyl.

Sweet & Low Bass — Eight hundred bright, growly, and aggressive bass loops for making funk, rock, and progressive music tracks.

Synchro-Funk — From smooth, traditional-sounding riffs and licks, to hybrid funk with heavy metal overtones, Synchro-Funk is a hard-quantized adventure in sound.

Techno Club Grooves I — It's time to kick back to the rave alarm. This collection is packed tight with synth loops and grooves for the new club scene.

The Best of Siggi Baldursson: The Drum Loops — An Artist Integrated showcase of drum loops from former Sugarcubes drummer Siggi Baldursson, compiled by Fretless Monster Tony Franklin.

The Electro Set — A well-balanced construction kit perfect for making killer West Coast electro with that classic German/Detroit feel.

Tony Brock: Rock Drummer — Rod Stewart, Bernie Taupin, Jeff Beck, and Roy Orbison have all enjoyed the Tony Brock sound. We think you will too!

TOYZ — An electrifying assortment of beats, basses, pads, and FX for making electronica, breakbeat, jungle, industrial, and glitch music forms.

Trance NRG — A balanced set of do-it-yourself beats, crisp arpeggios, long sweeps, saturated leads, clean basses, and club style scratches.

Trance NRG2 — A new table of synthetic elements of progressive dance, trance, and techno from Peace/Love Productions guaranteed to blow up the dance floor.

Troy Klontz: Rhythm & Twang — Troy Klontz (Brooks & Dunn) -produced county music loops: fiddle, guitar, bass, and Troy's own incomparable pedal steel guitar riffs!

Ugly Remnants: Volume One — There's something dark and stunning waiting for you in this critically-acclaimed, multi-genre construction kit.

Ugly Remnants: Volume Two — A second helping of versatile Ugly Remnants loops rounds out this stellar, multi-genre set from Endlessflow.

Underground Soundlab — The Underground Soundlab is max 21st century hip-hop, a complete construction kit with unmatched levels of sophistication and fidelity.

Underground: UK House & Electro — Get your Tube pass and head straight to the UK underground for a sexy, bombastic sound clash of cutting edge house and electro.

Universal Groove Elements — From hip-hop to techno, bass lines to beats, this disc has it all - the definitive collection of all that moves and grooves.

Classic Analog Synths — Classic Arps, Rolands, and Moogs are just the beginning. Throw down some classic flare with this ultimate collection of classic synth sounds.

Vir Unis: Bug Report — This ambient pioneer's sophomore effort delivers a fusion of space music and glitch-based electronica.

Vir Unis: Infusion — A one-of-a-kind collection of electronica loops, electro-tribal beats, industrial noisescapes, and deep space atmospherics.

Westside Underground — A complete construction kit. Classic funk and R&B influences, woven into a seamless mesh of progressive urban sample culture ideas.

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