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Rivera Sedona 55 ES - Black w/JBL Speaker (No Longer Available)

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the Rivera Sedona 55 ES - Black w/JBL Speaker is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Amazing Acoustic-Electric Hybrid Amp!

Sick of schlepping two amps with you to your gigs? If you play both acoustic and electric guitar, then the Rivera Sedona 55 ES is the only amplifier you need! Designed with legendary Nashville fingerpicking guru, Doyle Dykes, the all-tube Sedona 55 ES delivers both clear acoustic sound and amazing electric tone. Plug in your acoustic guitar and enjoy the clear highs and lucid lows, as the onboard anti-feedback equalizer takes care of drones or squeals.

Go electric, and dial in any tone from blues-style crunch to high-gain craziness. What's more, the Sedona 55 ES features an amazing long-pan, 6-spring Accutronics reverb. And if you play a Taylor T5 or other Taylor-Expression-System-equipped acoustic, the Sedona 55 ES is a total must have. Its built-in ES-ready input lets you get the most out of your guitar's balanced output. So what are you waiting for? Order your Rivera Sedona 55 ES combo acoustic-electric guitar amplifier from today!

Rivera Sedona 55 ES Acoustic/Electric Combo Amplifier Features:
  • The perfect all-tube combo amplifier for both your electric and acoustic guitars
  • Designed with Nashville fingerpicking legend Doyle Dykes
  • Built-in anti-feedback equalizer provides drone-free and squeal-free acoustic tone
  • All-tube amplification covers tones from bluesy breakup to high-gain shred
  • Onboard long-pan, 6-spring Accutronics reverb lets you add sweet depth to your sound
  • Included ES-ready input option lets you get the most from your Taylor-Expression-System-equipped guitar
  • Effects loop and balanced XLR direct out feature Cinemag transformers
  • Dual speaker and tweeter outputs make expanding your rig easy
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