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Steinberger ZT-3 Custom - Transparent Blue (No Longer Available)

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the Steinberger ZT-3 Custom - Transparent Blue is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Innovative Axe!

The Steinberger ZT-3 Custom rules Steinberger's arsenal of state-of-the-art guitars. Boasting a one-of-a-kind headless appearance with a CybroSonic Neck, the ZT-3 Custom features a series of design elements that contribute to its extreme stability. Supreme intonation, a TransTrem transposing tremolo rig, and USA humbucking pickups with eight different combinations comprise just three of the ZT-3 Custom's many impressive playable attributes, while a finished flame maple top just begs to turn heads. A true player's guitar, learn why the pros are choosing the Steinberger ZT-3 Custom.

Steinberger ZT-3 Custom at a Glance:
    • USA Humbuckers with Eight Pickup Combinations
    • "Zero-fret" Rather Than Old school Nut
    • TransTrem Transposing Tremolo System
    • DoubleBall/SingleBall Tuning Rig with Headless Design
    • The Newest Steinberger Masterpiece
    • CybroSonic Neck and Phenolic Fingerboard

The Newest Steinberger Masterpiece
Ned Steinberger breathed new vision and life into stringed instruments when he introduced the L2 bass at Summer NAMM in 1979. Innovatively designed without headstocks, the L2s astonished the music world and prototypes were quickly sold to such esteemed players as John Entwistle of The Who, Tony Levin of King Crimson, and Andy West of The Dregs. Since then, Steinberger basses and guitars have continued to impress musicians - and engineers! - the world over. Their cutting-edge Headless Tuning systems make way for stability never thought possible, while their CybroSonic necks and versatile pickup systems allow for an lots of range of tonal possibilities.

TransTrem Transposing Tremolo System
Equipped with Steinberger's groundbreaking TransTrem system, the ZT-3 Custom is actually capable of transposing keys and bending chords in pitch, opening up tremendous sonic terrains for all guitarists. Simply move the tremolo arm to the unlocked playing position and dial in your key. The TransTrem can take you from standard "E" tuning up to "F" and then to "F#" or down to "Eb" or way down to "D." Lock in the key by moving the arm back and you're ready for anything. When locked, the tremolo acts much like a fixed bridge in that not only is sustain better, but if you should happen to break a string, all the other strings will still stay in tune. In the un-locking position, the TransTrem acts like a regular tremolo capable of extreme pitch bending with smooth and renowned Steinberger accuracy.

DoubleBall/SingleBall Tuning rig with Headless Design
Originally, Steinberger guitars featured an exclusively DoubleBall Tuning rig that eliminated the need for a headstock. The strings came through and locked down on the bridge for incredible stability. Plus, with virtually no manual feeding and cutting required, you could change strings in under a minute. Today, the ZT-3 Custom has a redesigned headpiece so you can enjoy using these special double ball-end strings plus your favorite traditionals. This premier system lets you dial into tune using accurate micrometers rather than standard tuners - and when you get in tune, you stay in tune. Also, because Steinberger guitars need no headstock, they're extremely ergonomically balanced and comfy to hold during longer jam sessions and performances.

"Zero-fret" Rather Than Old school Nut
By employing a "zero-fret" design instead of a old school nut, intonation and action is greatly better. This feature also lets you use a bunch of different string gauges because there's no nut to widen.

USA Humbuckers with Eight Pickup Combinations
Two custom-made USA humbuckers combined with an innovative switching system lets you tap into eight different combinations for incredible tonal diversity. By using a push/pull switch on both the volume and the tone controls, you can use the ZT-3 Custom's pickups "in series" as you would other two humbucker-equipped instruments but also "in parallel" to make single-coil tones but without the noise typically associated with stand-alone single coil pickups. The result is a guitar that works for a wide range of styles - from rock to blues, jazz to country.

CybroSonic Neck and Phenolic Fingerboard
All aspects of Steinberger guitars are on the edge of design, and that's exactly the case with the ZT-3 Custom's CybroSonic neck. Inside the wood is a U-shaped composite graphite structure with an integrated truss rod: You get full-on control of your instrument while enjoying the added stability the composite material offers. A durable phenolic fretboard complements the neck, and, due to its material, it's dead-zone free for the ultimate in performance. Plus, the ZT-3 Custom's neck-thru-body design ensures distinctive tonal clarity, sustain, "pop," and response with that signature Steinberger stability.

Steinberger ZT-3 Custom Features:
    • Finish: Trans Blue
    • NECK: CybroSonic patented Graphite U-channel with fully adjustable trussrod integrated with 3-piece Hard Maple
    • Neck Joint: Bolt-on
    • Fingerboard: Phenolic
    • Fretboard Radius: 14"
    • Frets: 24, Medium jumbo
    • SCALE: 25.5"
    • Body Wings: Hard Maple
    • Body Top: Flame Maple
    • Pickups: USA 90R neck and USA 91T bridge humbuckers
    • External Controls: Master Volume (push/pull series/parallel neck PU), Master Tone (push/pull series/parallel bridge PU), 3 way selector
    • Bridge: PAF TrensTrem-e Transposing Tremolo System
    • Saddle Material: Steel
    • Weight: 6.5 lb
    • Length: 33.5"
    • Zero Nut Width: 1.62"
    • 12-Fret Width: 2.05"
    • Bridge Spacing: 0.42"
    • Case: Heavy-duty Gigbag Included

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