ESP LTD Surveyor-4 - 3-tone Burst (No Longer Available)

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the ESP LTD Surveyor-4 - 3-tone Burst is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

This Bass is All About Tone!

One of the best things about being a bass player is that you can always find a band (or two, or three) to play in. One night you might be rocking out in a '90s cover band, next night you're playing jazz, and on the weekend it's nothing but reggae jam. But how do you keep up with all of these tones? Simple - get an ESP LTD Surveyor-4 from The LTD Surveyor-4 4-string bass comes absolutely packed to the gills with tonal versatility. That's because ESP loaded it with a 3-coil, 2-mode EMG MMTW bridge pickup. This bad boy lets you instantly go between a humbucker and a single coil, giving you everything from growling dark to clear and punchy clean tones. And that's just the start.

Mix the LTD Surveyor-4's unique bridge pickup with an offset EMG 35P4 humbucker at the neck, and the sky's the limit. And ESP takes that one extra step by giving you a sweet and super-flexible 3-band EQ. This lets you tweak your LTD Surveyor-4's tone to perfection, carving out the perfect low-end boom, midrange punch, or upper-end pop you need. Even better, all of this extreme tonal mojo lives inside a beautifully balanced and highly resonant swamp ash Surveyor body. So, after a week for playing gig upon gig, going from one band to the next, you still won't wind up with a wounded shoulder. Get the idea? Now get you ESP LTD Surveyor-4 from

ESP LTD Surveyor-4 4-string Electric Bass Features at a Glance:
  • Ultra-flexible bass guitar you can use for any style of music, from R&B to metal
  • Smoothly balanced Surveyor body style feels wonderful
  • Swamp ash body with a maple neck and provides phenomenal resonance and sustain
  • EMG MMTW and 35P4 pickups give you an enormous range of tone
  • Onboard 3-band EQ lets you dial in the right sound for any occasion
  • Wilkinson licensed bridge provides excellent string-to-string response
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