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Steinberger ST-2FPA - Pitch Black (No Longer Available)

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the Steinberger ST-2FPA - Pitch Black is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Innovative Axe!

The Steinberger ST-2FPA joins Steinberger's newest tribe of cutting-edge Synapse guitars. From its one-of-a-kind appearance to the complex engineering of its CybroSonic Neck, every element of the ST-2FPA's design was created with one idea chiefly in mind: Stability. Supreme intonation and an integrated capo rig are just two end results of Steinberger's innovation, while a new standard in player-guitar trust could well be a third. Incredible humbucker/piezo tone coupled with the ultimate in reliability: the Synapse ST-2FPA is a guitar you won't put down.

Steinberger ST-2FPA at a Glance:
    • Flexible TranScale System
    • "Zero-fret" Rather Than Old school Nut
    • EMG/piezo Pickup System
    • Larger Body with Ergonomic Sculpting
    • Integrated Tool Holder
    • CybroSonic Neck and Phenolic Fingerboard
    • DoubleBall/SingleBall Tuning Rig with Headless Design

DoubleBall/SingleBall Tuning rig with Headless Design
Originally, Steinberger guitars featured an exclusively DoubleBall Tuning System that eliminated the need for a headstock. The strings came through and locked down on the bridge for incredible stability. Plus, with virtually no manual feeding and cutting required, you could change strings in under a minute. Today, the Synapse series has a redesigned headpiece so you can enjoy using these special double ball-end strings plus your favorite traditionals. This premier system lets you dial into tune using accurate micrometers rather than standard tuners - and when you get in tune, you stay in tune. Also, because Steinberger guitars need no headstock, they're extremely ergonomically balanced and comfy to hold during longer jam sessions and performances.

"Zero-fret" Rather Than Old school Nut
By employing a "zero-fret" design instead of a old school nut, intonation and action is greatly better. Plus, you can use a wide range of different string gauges because there's no nut to widen.

Flexible TranScale System
Thanks to Steinberger's innovative TranScale system you can change your scale length immediately, without a bulky capo messing up your tuning. Essentially, the Steinberger ST-2FPA has a built-in capo. Play it open and it's a baritone, roll the capo up a couple of frets and it's a normal 25-1/2" guitar; Wherever you want the capo, you'll love the stability the TranScale system offers.

CybroSonic Neck and Phenolic Fingerboard
All aspects of Steinberger guitars are on the edge of design, and that's exactly the case with the Synapse series' CybroSonic necks. Inside the wood is a U-shaped composite graphite structure with an integrated truss rod: You get full-on control of your instrument while enjoying the added stability the composite material provides. A durable phenolic fretboard complements the neck, and, due to its material, it's dead-zone free for the ultimate in performance. Plus, the Synapse ST-2FPA's neck-thru-body design ensures distinctive tonal clarity, sustain, "pop," and response with signature Steinberger stability.

EMG/piezo Pickup System
The Steinberger Synapse ST-2FPA features first-class EMG-81 and EMG-85 humbucking pickups to provide one-of-a-kind, robust tone. For even more tonal diversity, Steinberg added their own piezo pickup system on the bridge. Referring to the piezo pickup, Steinberg says "the idea is not so much to make an acoustic sound as it is to exploit the potential of an electric guitar to sound all different kinds of ways" - and the Synapse does just that. You get intense, detailed sound from the piezo with much more highs and much more lows - and you can dial in the perfect piezo/humbucker blend using the built-in blend control. What's more, the piezo saddle can be removed and replaced with a saddle of different material, which makes an incredible difference in sound. With a Synapse, you can make nearly any kind of sound imaginable.

Integrated Tool Holder
Steinberger guitars are engineering marvels - not only designed to deliver incredible stability, but to become the exact kind of guitar you want to play. Rather than taking your ST-2FPA in for a complicated setup process, you can adjust intonation yourself. You don't need to haul around a workbench and tool box to make adjustments - all the tools you need are stored built-in the guitar inside its useful recessed tool holder.

Larger Body with Ergonomic Sculpting
Steinberger's first guitars were smaller than old school instruments. And, while well received, Steinberger decided to make a guitar that would feel more comfy and natural to the average player. The Synapse ST-2FPA is carved so it hugs and contours comfortably to the player, while a back cutaway lets the instrument lean in a little bit so you get a better view of the fretboard.

Steinberger ST-2FPA Features:
    • Finish: Pitch Black
    • NECK: CybroSonic patented Graphite U-channel with fully adjustable trussrod integrated with 3-piece Hard Maple
    • Neck Joint: Thru-Neck
    • Fingerboard: Phenolic
    • Fretboard Radius: 14"
    • Frets: 24, Medium jumbo
    • SCALE: 28.5/8 adjustable
    • Body Wings: Hard Maple
    • Body Top: Hard Maple
    • Pickups: EMG-81(B) & EMG-85(N) Pickups; HB/HB, Active EQ, Fixed Piezo Bridge
    • External Controls: Master Volume, Mag/Piezo Pickup Blend, Active Hi Cut/Boost, Active Lo Cut/Boost, 3 way selector
    • Internal Controls: 2 trim pots adjusting Magnetic and Piezo output levels
    • Bridge: Patented DoubleBall Bridge with 40:1 ratio direct-pull tuners
    • Saddle Material: Aluminum
    • Weight: 6.4 lb
    • Length: 35"
    • Zero Nut Width: 1.65"
    • 12-Fret Width: 2.05"
    • Bridge Spacing: 0.42"
    • Case: Heavy-duty Synapse Gigbag Included

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