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Stanton SC System 3 (No Longer Available)

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the Stanton SC System 3 is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Discover a New Way to DJ!

It may look like the controls of the mothership, but the Stanton SC System 3 DJ MIDI controller is actually a fairly straightforward DJ controller. There are a few things that set the SC System 3 apart from your average DJ controllers. First off, it's actually three controllers in one: a SCS.3m and two of Stanton's SCS.3d deck controllers. In fact, they're connected via magnetic strips, which means you can configure them any way you like and pull them apart for transportation. There's even a 4-port USB hub and a cable-management system built into the SC System 3. But that's just the beginning.

Like we said, the layout of the Stanton SC System 3 is pretty simple: two decks and a mixer. Aside from the fact that all of the controls are touch strips, the SC System 3's layout should be pretty familiar to any DJ. The 2-channel SCS.3m mixer controller features deck select buttons, making it easy to control up to four decks. Both of the SCS.3d deck controllers has three different modes for controlling sliders, turntables, and events such as loops and cue points. Pretty simple, right? And the SC System 3 is completely MIDI based, so you can use it to control Traktor, ITCH, or whatever other DJ software you like. It even comes with Traktor LE, so you're ready to go, even if you don't already have a favorite DJ program.

The really cool part of the whole Stanton SC System 3 DJ controller is its multi-touch control strip technology. Every knob and slider has been replaced by a multi-touch sensor zone. Even the decks are controlled via touch zones. First off, this means that there are no moving parts to wear out. But more importantly, it means you can instantly jump from one parameter setting to another with the SC System 3, just by tapping or removing a finger on any one control. It also means that all of the SC System 3's LED displays constantly reflect the value of your parameters - that's really useful when you're jumping between control layers.

If you're a serious controllerist, this is the point where your eyes should be bugging out. Think of it, with a SC System 3 you can instantly flick back and forth between crossfader positions or filter settings to create really cool effects. Kill EQs and jump from setting to setting instantly, or bounce between effects parameters. If you're creative, then you'll never run out of cool new tricks. What are you waiting for. Get your hands on a Stanton SC System 3 DJ MIDI controller and start exploring a whole new way to DJ!

Stanton SC System 3 DJ Controller Bundle Features at a Glance:
  • Multi-touch DJ MIDI controller system that gives you unparalleled control and flexibility over your favorite DJ software
  • Set of three plug-and-play DJ MIDI controllers, including 1 x SCS.3m mix controller and 2 x SCS.3d deck controllers
  • Modules snap together magnetically and easily separate for easy portability
  • Touch controls make scratching, mixing, scrubbing, and event triggering easy
  • Multi-touch controls allow you to pull off advanced tricks such as kills, stutters, and transform effects easy
  • Ultra-bright LEDs provide you with visual feedback and metering
  • SCS.3m mix controller makes controlling up to four decks easy and includes a built-in 4-port USB hub
  • SCS.3d deck controllers feature 3 x operation modes for controlling parameters, turntables, and event triggers
  • Completely MIDI mappable layout lets you control any MIDI-assignable parameter in any DJ software
  • Includes Native Instruments Traktor LE DJ software
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