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Taylor SolidBody Classic - Transparent White (No Longer Available)

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the Taylor SolidBody Classic - Transparent White is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Amazing Guitars from Taylor!

The Taylor Solid Body Classic electric guitar brings an acoustic innovator into the world of premium solidbody electric instruments, in a big way! Bob Taylor and his team designed the Solid Body Classic from the ground up with original 3/4-size humbuckers, a sleek aluminum bridge, contoured ergonomic single cutaway body design, and a familiar headstock that proudly tops off a quality instrument. Elegant appointments include MOP dot inlays and a crushed pearl pickguard. Taylor hits the first pitch out of the park with its stunning, great-sounding Solid Body Classic!

Taylor Solid Body Classic at a Glance:
    • Pickups
    • Bridge
    • Controls
    • Neck

Taylor's breakthrough pickup design spawned this guitar. Classic sweetness together with the power to drive an amp offers up the best of both worlds, plus some fresh sounds that?ll lead you to a world of your own. Taylor's one-of-a-kind humbuckers balance the sweetness of a classic pickup sound - where you hear the woods and the ways the guitar is responding to the player - with the power to fully drive an amp without being super hot and overpounding it. No matter what your electric pickup of choice has been, these pickups will appease your sonic cravings, plus dish out some new tonal flavors with the help of the combo settings and tone controls.

Another fully original design, the sleek, all-aluminum bridge looks and feels killer, and it's ultra-adjustable. Once you lock it down it holds perfect intonation. Designed entirely from scratch, Taylor's all-aluminum bridge solves the intonation drift and ergonomic problems that often plague other electric bridges. The bridge height can be adjusted both front-to-back and side-to-side. Each of the strings sits in its own saddle, and once the intonation is set, the saddles are locked in place with screws located discretely under the bridge (accessible from the back). Once everything is locked down, you can take the strings off without the saddles moving, maintaining accurate intonation. Taylor also tweaked the break angle for the strings, so that no matter where each individual saddle is positioned, it maintains the perfect amount of downward pressure and string length for simple playing and sweet tone. Taylor specially contoured the bridge to give it a curvy, ultra-smooth feel; your picking hand will be happy to camp out there.

Taylor's innovative T-Lock neck joint brings Taylor's trademark consistency and comfort into the solid body player's hands. Taylor's heritage of easy-playing, superbly intonated necks continues with the single-bolt T-Lock joint first used on the T5. Like the NT neck, a precisely milled pocket spacer is used to dial-in the perfect neck angle. As the neck is bolted in place, it pulls both down and back toward the bridge for perfect alignment and stability. It?s brain-dead simple to put on or take off to switch out spacers for angle adjustment. The contouring makes the neck feel and look killer, especially up by the body. There's no heel, and the asymmetrical curve where it meets the body creates a smooth aesthetic line that flows into the cutaway.

Tone control is the Holy Grail for an electric player. From Taylor's five-way pickup switch to their original control knobs, Taylor's given you more tone and made it easier to dial in it on the fly. The 5-way is laid out in a familiar way, with the neck pickup position located closest to the neck humbucker and the bridge position closest to the bridge pickup. In between the full, fat neck tone and the rockin? bridge tone, the middle settings give the Taylor electric its own distinctive voicings.

    • Position 1: Full neck pickup
    • Position 2: Inside coils of the neck and bridge pickups in parallel (skinny, funky neck tone)
    • Position 3: Full neck pickup with the inside coil of the bridge pickup (adds fatness and drives the amp a little harder for extra crunch)
    • Position 4: Inside coil of each pickup in series (creating the effect of a super-wide humbucker and producing a truly one-of-a-kind tone)
    • Position 5: Full bridge pickup

The first two-thirds of the tone knob rotation acts like a old school tone control. The last third, especially when all the way at the end, starts peaking the mids, yielding a killer nasal tone that resembles playing through a semi-cocked Wah-wah pedal. It's ideal for slide playing, or as a different tonal color for solos or throaty rhythm parts. The tone control together with the different pickup settings give you a whole new set of flavors to play with.

Taylor Solid Body Classic Electric Guitar Features:
    • Color: White
    • Finish: Gloss
    • Neck: Rock Maple (Satin Finish)
    • Fingerboard: Rosewood
    • Inlays: MOP 4mm dots
    • Headstock overlay: Ebony
    • Pickups: Style 1 3/4-size humbuckers
    • Pickguard: Crushed pearl
    • Case: Taylor rectangular hardshell

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