Visual Sound Route 66 Overdrive/Compression Pedal Reviews

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2 in 1, Both Really Great

Writen by MMaker from Charlotte, NC USA
September 29, 2010
Music Background: guitarist
So when I first was looking for a new pedal I was looking for something that could do a clean boost for soloing. But i figured if I was going to be spending money on a new pedal I might as well get something that does more. Then I saw this. It has the same Compressor as the Comp66 pedal built into it plus an Overdrive. And from the demos I heard on YouTube, I heard you could do a pretty clean boost with the compressor but also do a bunch more with the compressor and the Overdrive sounded sick. Needless to say I got it, and I'm really surprised I hadn't heard of it before but now I'm starting to see it on more pro rigs. I'd never really used an overdrive (mostly a bunch of distortions), but this sounds really awesome with my tube amp. Great pedal. Looks pretty cool on my pedalboard too.

Love This Thing!

Writen by ShoeGazer from Bloomington, IN
June 22, 2010
Lots and lots and lots of possibilities with the Route 66 — and it's pretty much like getting two awesome pedals, for less than the price of one. What's cool too is that Visual Sound includes pictures in the manual that show you how you can tweak the settings to imitate famous compressors and overdrives. I've had no problems with it and I play daily. But, from what I've heard, Visual Sound customer service is hard to beat. Like I said, I love this thing.

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