AEA Ribbon Pre

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The Perfect Preamplifier for Ribbon Microphones!

The AEA Ribbon Pre is a one-of-a-kind preamplifier was designed specifically for use with ribbon microphones, moving coil, and tube microphones and has 83db of clean gain and no dangerous phantom power. The Ribbon Pre is one of the only microphone pres out there designed exclusively for ribbon microphones. The TRP is an ultra fast, two channel, minimal-path JFET preamplifier designed collaboratively with Fred Forssell. This unit is designed to have one of the lowest noise floors available. Eliminating phantom power allows for advantages in minimal signal path circuitry and the elimination of electronics that induce noise.

AEA Ribbon Pre At-a-Glance:
    • Optimized for ribbon mics
    • Made for high gain and low noise

Optimized for ribbon mics
The AEA TRP is the only microphone preamplifier designed specifically for ribbon microphones. Unleash your ribbon microphones' full potential with a TRP, and hear music more completely than ever before. Your ribbon microphones will sound loud, clean and open, with fuller bass response.

Made for high gain and low noise
AEA's TRP has the quick, quiet gain you need for digital recording of ribbon, moving coil and tube microphones. The Ribbon Pre has the speed needed for high resolution 192 kHz recording. With 300 kHz of bandwidth and DC coupled, Low-Energy-Storage (LES) circuit topology this preamplifier delivers outstanding dynamic response and bandwidth, and recovers instantly from overloads. TRPs have enough gain to let you hear how noisy the universe really is, but within the limits of physics, provide quiet gain. The DC coupled microphone ins let you hear all the dynamics, subwoofer bass and fast transients that your ribbon and tube microphones can deliver. This discrete front end and integrated circuit JFET design combines the quiet gain of solid state with an openness reminiscent of tubes.

AEA Ribbon Pre Features:
    • Gain is >83 dB at 1 kHz, balanced in to balanced out
    • Positive polarity is pin 2 on XLRs, tip on 1/4" stereo jacks
    • Balanced outputs clip above +28 dBu, 100k load
    • Unbalanced XLR output load reduces max level by ~ 6 dB
    • Unbalanced Tip-ring-sleeve outputs clip at +22 dBu, 100k load
    • Frequency response is down 3 dB at 6 Hz and 300 kHz
    • THD at 1 KHz is .005% with 22 Hz to 22 kHz bandwidth
    • EIN, A weighted noise figure is -130 dBu, 150 ohm input
    • Balanced microphone in impedance is >30,000 ohm
    • Mic input electronics are DC coupled
    • Microphone ins are zener protected from external P48 DC
    • Microphone inputs shut off while external DC is present
    • Green LED snaps on at ~ - 5 dBu
    • Yellow LED is variable brightness from ~ 0 to +20 dBu
    • Red LED snaps on at ~ +20 dBu
    • High Pass filter is 12 dB per octave and -3 dB at 100 Hz
    • Power supply offers two 17.25 VAC outputs
    • No Phantom Power
    • Gain switch is a 12 position Grayhill series 71
    • Out level control has detent at 12 noon
    • Polarity reverse & High-pass pushbutton switches
    • Power supply (P.S.) is external for minimum noise
    • P.S. in & out cords are each 6 feet long
    • 115 VAC P.S. uses male grounded Edison power plug
    • 230 VAC P.S. uses male recessed IEC power plug
    • Chassis P.S. in is a female 7 pin circular DIN jack
    • Power-on indication is by a front panel LED
    • Finish is a tough, textured, black & gray powder coat
    • Legends & single line schematic are laser engraved
    • Chassis is aluminum with rugged extruded endcaps
    • Size: Half-rack wide, rack unit high 8.5" x 8.5" x 1.7"
    • Weight: Chassis is 2 pounds, P.S. is 1.5 pounds
    • Dual TRP steel rackshelf mounting option is 1 RU high

AEA Ribbon Pre Specs:
Preamp Type FET
Number of Channels 2
Frequency Response 6Hz-300kHz (-3dB)
Analog Inputs 2 x XLR
Analog Outputs 2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4"
Rack Spaces Half
Height 1.75"
Depth 8.5"
Width 8.5"
Weight 2 lbs.

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