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Tama Rhythm Mate - Black (No Longer Available)

the Tama Rhythm Mate - Black is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

A Drum Deal So Good You'll Freak!

Get a complete 5-piece acoustic drum kit with Meinl BCS cymbals for an amazing low price with this limited-edition TAMA Rhythm Mate set. Made with TAMA's excellent poplar shells, the Rhythm Mate kit gives you a remarkable range of expression, tone, and projection - something you wouldn't normally expect from an entry-level drum kit like this. With a 20" kick, a 14" snare, and a set of toms ranging from 10" to 14", the Rhythm Mate kit is perfectly at home holding down the back beat for rock, blues, jazz, or whatever other modern style catches your fancy. And since you get a set of Meinl cymbals (an 18" ride/crash and a pair of 13" hats), in addition to the hardware, stands, kick pedal, and even drum throne you need to make it happen, all you need to pick up is a good set of sticks and you're ready to start rocking out with your TAMA Rhythm Mate 5-piece acoustic drum kit from GearNuts.com.

TAMA Rhythm Mate Complete 5-piece Acoustic Drum Kit Features at a Glance:
  • An excellent 5-piece drum kit for novice drummers and modest budgets
  • The complete package - includes shells, hardware, stands, and more
  • Includes both an 18" Meinl BCS crash/ride and a set of 13" Meinl BCS hi-hats
  • Also comes with a drum throne and a kick pedal
  • Simple and elegant looks meet total functionality in a kit that's well suited to nearly any playing style
  • Lightweight and resonant poplar provides moderate projection and lively tone
  • Limited-edition drum kit available for a short time only
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