Sonic Reality R.A.W. Gold Edition Loop Collection (No Longer Available)

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the Sonic Reality R.A.W. Gold Edition Loop Collection is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Killer Loops, Killer Price!

The Sonic Reality R.A.W. Gold Edition loop collection offers up an incredible number of loops, instrument riffs, and groove construction kits that go with practically any genre or style you can think of. Sonic Reality R.A.W. Gold Edition includes the R.A.W. Universal Groove Kit, which features thousands of awesome loops to move and shake your creativity. You also get 15 amazing Style Paks, which range from blues grooves to hip hop, country and folk to drum 'n' bass. All told, you get over 38,000 astounding loops in the Sonic Reality R.A.W. Gold Edition loop collection!

Sonic Reality R.A.W. Gold Edition Loop Collection with Universal Groove Kit and 15 Style Paks at a Glance:
    • Multi-format
    • Universal Groove Kit
    • Incredibly diverse Style Paks

Universal Groove Kit
For the killer price of the Gold Edition, you might expect a few hundred cool loops. But the R.A.W. Universal Groove Kit exceeds expectations all by itself. This collection offers up a whopping 5,000 loops to inspire your creativity and introduce you to a world of groove creation that you may never want to leave!

Style Paks
As amazing as the Universal Groove Kit is, imagine adding another jaw-dropping 33,000-plus loops - from different genres, geographical locations, and eras - to an already incredible deal. Here's a rundown of the incredibly versatile and amazing-sounding R.A.W. Style Paks you get with the R.A.W. Gold Edition loop collection:

Blues Grooves - Features 24-bit acoustic drum kit grooves in Rock and Blues and a wide range of shuffle grooves, Blues beats with fills, pickups, snare rolls, snare builds, hat and ride variations, brushes and more.

Country Folk Rhythms - Includes a wide range of instrument riffs such as acoustic guitar, dobro, banjo, mandolin, fiddle and bass plus drum and percussion grooves for a complete Rock, Country, Folk or Bluegrass rhythm section.

Drum and Bass - Includes high-speed breakbeats and blistering, distorted bass lines created by Paul Kodish, Brian Dillman and the team of Q Up Arts and Sonic Reality. Includes over 500 authentic loops in Apple Loops format for progressive Drum and Bass, Jungle, IDM and beyond.

Hip Hop: Dirty South - Features over 500 authentic Dirty South loops from beats, basses and leads to full construction kits and beyond: all the essentials you need to make the hottest productions on the planet! Simply drag and drop to mix and match endless combinations of grooves.

Jazz Grooves - Includes acoustic Jazz drum rhythms with Swing ride beats, brush grooves, Big Band drumming and more, performed by drummers (like Danny Gottlieb) who have played with Jazz legends such as Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and more.

Latin Afro-Cuban Grooves - From individual and combined percussion such as congas, bongos, shakers, handbells, guiros, clave, maracas and more to full drum kit grooves this collection can add spice to any music production.

Latin Brazilian Grooves - Offers a range of drum and percussion loops with authentic latin flavor in the styles of Samba, Baion, Batucada, Parlito, Pop, Funk, Bossa, Marcha and more.

Latin Caribbean Grooves - Offers a range of drum and percussion loops with authentic latin flavor in the styles of Bolero, Guacuanco, Bomba, Calypso, Bembe, Bomba, Guiro, Mozambique, Yongo, Bata, ChaCha, Rumba, Danzon, Son, Merengue. and more.

Nashville Pop Grooves - Acoustic drum country, folk, rock, and pop grooves including both drum and percussion rhythms. Features over 600 drum and percussion grooves.

Sixties Motown Grooves - Authentic Rhythm & Blues and Soul grooves from the late 60s and early 70s. From crackling 45 vinyl loops to the clean and warm classic Detroit studio sound and beyond. Features over 600 drum and percussion grooves.

Trip Hop Beats - Includes fresh urban/electronic construction kits made up of catchy bass lines, unusual effects, gritty beats and textures, synth leads, vocal licks and more. The ideal source for creating new IDM and Trip Hop tracks in styles similar to artists like Moby, Massive Attack, Bjork, Sneaker Pimps and others.

Urban Grooves - From classic lo-fi street beats to authentic vocal beatboxing and DJ-style vinyl scratches, this collection is an incredibly intense and useful source of grooves for any urban-style music producer.

Classic Rock Grooves - Live acoustic drum grooves in styles made famous by bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Boston and more. Features over 600 top quality drum kit grooves with extra fills and variations.

Classic Soul Grooves - Features classic funk and soul grooves from the 60s and 70s. This collection offers authentic drum grooves, percussion and electric bass lines and is the ultimate source for adding that classic flavor to your tunes.

World Grooves - A wide range of 24-bit percussion instrument rhythms from all over the globe. Includes Djembe, Big Drum Ensembles, Dumbeks, Native American Drums, Shakers, Maracas, Cabasas, Shika, Tambo, Udu Pot, and more.

Multi-format flexibility
Each loop is delivered in three separate formats (Rex, Apple Loops and WAV) for the ultimate in control groove control when used with your favorite DAW or sampler.

Sonic Reality R.A.W. Gold Edition Loop Collection Features:
    • 38GB
    • 38,000 loops
    • R.A.W. Universal Groove Kit with over 5,000 loops included
    • R.A.W. Style Paks with over 33,000 loops included
    • Sounds may be used in all samplers supporting Rex, Apple Loops, and WAV formats

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