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Ableton Push with Live 9 Intro (No Longer Available)

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the Ableton Push with Live 9 Intro is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

The Ultimate Controller for Ableton Live!

Let's make this simple: if you use Ableton Live, then you need an Ableton Push controller. And if you're getting into Ableton Live, then that goes double for you. Why? Because short of being able to reach into your screen and actually grab hold of Live's GUI, there's no better way to take control of this amazing DAW and music-creation software platform. In other words, the Ableton Push is what in would look like if Ableton Live were hardware instead of software. But enough with hype - check this baby out!

The first thing you'll notice about the Ableton Push is its stunning array of brightly lit, multi-color pads. There are 64 of these in all, which initially gives the Push a look that's a lot like similar controllers made by Novation and Akai. Actually, the Push is manufactured for Ableton by Akai Professional, which explains why its pads feel so amazing. These aren't your standard MPC or MPC ripoff pads either. In addition to being velocity sensitive, which makes them great for triggering samples and laying down beats, they're also continuously pressure sensitive. That means you can call up your favorite synth or other virtual instrument, layout all 64 keys like a keyboard, and use the Push to play melodies. You can even select a key and only the notes in that scale will light up. And thanks to a touch strip on the left side of the pad matrix, you can even bend notes or add modulation the way you would with a regular keyboard. It's really a fun way to write music, even if you're not normally a keyboard lover.

But triggering note and samples isn't the only thing that the Ableton Push's array of multicolor pads is good for. The very grid itself mirrors Lives Session View, with each column representing a channel and each row representing a scene. You can tell the state of your individual loops and samples by the color of the corresponding pad, and a killer 4-line LCD display makes it easy to keep your attention on your mix and your eyes off your screen. Along the same lines, there's a ton of additional buttons an encoders mounted on the Push. These provide you with virtually every command and function you typically use to control Live. Speaking of which, the Push controller comes bundled with a copy of Ableton Live 9 Intro and a ton of excellent content, so you're ready to get rolling right out of the box.

Ableton Push Control Surface and Performance Controller for Live Features at a Glance:
  • The ultimate controller for Ableton Live and a perfect companion to Live v9
  • A highly sophisticated matrix of 64 velocity/pressure-sensitive pads gives you total freedom to play instruments, sequence songs, and perform on the fly with Ableton Live
  • Advanced grid options let you segment the pad matrix into various sections for control over multiple Live functions at once
  • Play virtual instruments in an intuitive keyboard-style layout
  • Select the scale you want to play in and the appropriate pads light up to show you the notes
  • 4.7" touch strip lets you bend notes, control modulation, and take over virtually any of Live's MIDI-controllable parameters
  • Four-line alphanumeric LCD display provides invaluable feedback in every mode
  • 11 endless, touch-sensitive encoders let you mix and tweak settings
  • Runs on USB bus power for maximum portability, but comes with a power supply for added illumination for use in environments with greater ambient light
  • 2 x footswitch inputs give you even more control options
  • Includes Ableton Live 9 Intro DAW/music-creation software plus an amazing content library to get you started
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