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NEW Waves NLS Non-Linear Summer Plug-in - Native (No Longer Available)

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the Waves NLS Non-Linear Summer Plug-in - Native is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Kiss that Cold Digital Sound Goodbye!

Looking for a great way to add analog warmth to your DAW... without buying a ton of expensive analog gear? Here you go! Check out the Waves NLS non-linear summer, the analog-style summing plug-in you've been dreaming of. Not just any summing either - NLS gives you the epic sound of three legendary mixing consoles from some of the best studios in the world, run by some of the best engineers out there. You're going to flip when you hear the sound of this amazing mixing tool!

Here's how it works. The NLS suite is actually a collection of plug-ins representing three amazing recording consoles: Spike Stent's (Bjork, Maroon 5, Madonna) magical SSL 4000 G, Mike Hedges's (The Cure, Dido, U2) unique EMI TG12345 Mk IV (the same one used on Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon), and Yoad Nevo's (Bryan Adams, Pet Shop Boys, The Dandy Warhols) customized Neve 5116. Not only do you get three amazing summing buss model plug-ins, you also get over 100 individually modeled channel plug-ins. Why so many individual channel plug-ins? It's simple. Waves figured out that the warmth and sonic depth of real analog consoles is largely the result of all of those imperfectly matched, slightly dissimilar channels interacting with one another. That's why they went ahead and modeled nearly every channel of each of the consoles in the NLS plug-in, including its own unique noise.

There's more to the NLS plug-is suite than just circuitry modeling, however. Unlike most plug-ins out there, which each act as completely independent subprograms within you DAW, the entire NLS system is interactive. For instance, you can subgroup each channel plug-in into one of eight VCA groups, which you can control from your buss plug-in. Not only does this add another interactive element to the NLS system, it also lets you combine channel models from all three consoles into a single summing system. How cool is that!? Top that off with drive, trim, and other sound-shaping tools, and you'll discover a whole world of tone tweaking when you add Waves' amazing NLS non-linear summing system to you DAW.

Waves NLS Non-linear Summer Console Modeling Plug-in Suite Features at a Glance:
  • An easy way to get warm and colorful analog-style summing in you DAW
  • Perfectly recreates the sound of three legendary mixing consoles: Spike Stent's magical SSL 4000 G, Mike Hedges's unique EMI TG12345 Mk IV, and Yoad Nevo's customized Neve 5116
  • Two plug-in components, channel and buss models, give you incredible flexibility
  • Comes with over 100 channel and summing amp models, each with its own unique sonic signature
  • Link individual channel plug-ins together into 8 x VCA groups
  • Control all of your NLS plug-ins globally within your session
  • Linked stereo and dual mono formats available for both buss and channel plug-ins
  • Drive and trim controls let you adjust channel gain within each plug-in
  • Simulated mic channel input lets you crush your headroom the way you can on a real analog console
  • Switchable noise for each channel lets you add modeled console noise into your mix for each channel
  • Meter displays provide both peak and dBFS values for your material
  • Plug-ins available in RTAS, VST, and AU formats
    Does not support Final Cut Pro X
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