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Numark NS7FX (No Longer Available)

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the Numark NS7FX is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Keep it Real!

Ditch your lame, wanna-be-professional DJ controller and get yourself an NS7FX rig by Numark. We've got five killer reasons no other rig comes close to this setup. First and most importantly: nothing destroys your show like looking fake — and nothing screams fake the way most computer-based DJ rigs make you look. Seriously, nobody wants to go to a show where the DJ spends most of his act hovering over his laptop and mousing around like he's checking his e-mail (and let's not even start in on those guys who use dorky plastic jobs that look like video game controllers). Face it, you need to look cool or absolutely nobody's going to listen to your show. Well, Numark's NS7FX rig has got your back. It looks, feels, and sounds genuine, and it's loaded with all the hands-on controls you need, so you NEVER have to touch your mouse, period.

We're not just talking about starting, stopping, pushing, bumping, dragging, beat matching, etc. — these are just the basics. The second major reason to get an NS7FX rig is that it doesn't just come with Serato ITCH, it integrates with ITCH completely, giving you tons of custom controls for total control. For example, each deck of the NS7 controller's got five dedicated hot-cue-assign buttons that let you mark and cue up marker points in your tracks. And check this out! No other digital controller gives you the kind of precision track auditioning that the NS7's custom needle-drop simulating "Strip Search" ribbons give you. Yeah, that's right — virtual needle drop auditioning! Plus, you also get an NSFX controller bar, a dedicated effects controller that gives you the same pinpoint control over ITCH's effects engines that the NS7 gives you over its twin decks.

That just about covers the control surface side of the NS7FX. But how does it feel? This question brings us to the third point: Nothing, absolutely nothing, feels like real vinyl. Lots of DJ gear manufacturers have tried (feebly) to hoodwink us by laminating their totally lame plastic controllers with a thin layer of vinyl and claiming "this controller feels like real vinyl." That's like calling a moped a touring bike. Just because you can go cross country on a Vespa doesn't make it either a) comfortable or b) a particularly good ideal. So, let's clear something up — when we say the NS7FX feels like real vinyl, what we mean is that the NS7FX uses real custom vinyl records on real slipmats, on top of real adjustable torque platters connected to the same real direct drive motors that Numark uses in their real turntables. It doesn't get much more "real" than that!

Here's the next cool thing about Numark. They know that feeling real is one thing, but it wouldn't matter if the NS7FX didn't sound real. That's why they hooked up with Serato and developed a special MIDI time code system. This system is connected directly to the NS7's motors, and it sends MIDI to ITCH at many times to speed of typical controllers. And the NS7 uses professional, 24-bit audiophile-quality converters. What that means is the NS7FX system sounds awesome and can keep up with you, no matter how aggressively you tear it up.

And you don't have to worry about putting this beast through its paces, which brings us to the last point: Everything about the NS7FX is 100% professional-quality, engineered, designed, and built by people who know what DJ gear has to survive though. Numark equipped this baby with a CP-PRO crossfader and a pair of D-TYPE line faders. Why? Because they feel right and last forever, no matter how you abuse them. The whole NS7FX system is built around a solid metal chassis that's heavy enough not to run away from you like those plastic controllers. Numark also gave this setup a 100mm, smooth, stiff pitch sliders and plus and minus buttons, and they gave it a super-useful zero-point LED that lets you know when you're in the middle. See? Even in the little details, you know that the NS7FX was designed by real DJs who know exactly what you need!

Numark NS7FX DJ Control Surface and Interface Features at a Glance:
  • Includes an NS7 dual-turntable-style DJ software controller
  • Includes an NSFX dedicated controller for Serato ITCH's effects engines
  • Includes a copy of Serato ITCH professional DJ software

Numark NS7 Features:
  • Adjustable high-torque, direct-drive motors with the feel of real 7" Vinyl
  • 2-in, 4-out, 24-bit USB 2.0 audio Interface that sends MIDI to your software at blazing speeds
  • High speed, double precision MIDI controls (Compatible with any MIDI software)
  • Rock solid CP-PRO crossfader feels great and responds instantly to your touch
  • Super-rugged, all-metal construction for proper weight and durability
  • Extensive Looping, Cue Point and Track Selection controls keep your hands off the mouse
  • Additional assignable controls include 8 rotary, 8 triggers and 2 mini sliders
  • High-quality analog circuitry for accurate feel and incredible sound

Numark NSFX Features:
  • Activate and control the effects in Serato ITCH with NS7
  • Chain multiple effects to a single source
  • Route effects to either deck or to the Aux or Main outputs
  • Designed in collaboration with Serato for seamless compatibility with the latest version of ITCH
  • Light-up controls make it easy to keep tabs on effects status
  • Plug-and-play USB supplies power and works without installing drivers
  • Conveniently mounts on NS7's integrated laptop stand
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