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ADJ MyDMX 3.0 512-Ch DMX USB Interface w/ Software ADJ MyDMX 3.0 512-Ch DMX USB Interface w/ Software
DMX Lighting Control System with Hardware DMX-512 Interface with 60 Standalone DMX Channels, Comprehensive DMX Software Control Environment, and Additional Lighting Design Tools - Mac/PC
Retail Price: $419.95

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Sale Price: $299.99
ADJ DMX Operator 384 384-Ch DMX Lighting Controller ADJ DMX Operator 384 384-Ch DMX Lighting Controller
Rackmount DMX/MIDI Controller with 384 Channels, 240 Scenes, 12 Chases, 8 Faders x 4 Channel Banks, Assignable Joystick, Built-in Microphone, Line-level RCA Input, Tap Sync Button, Fog Machine Input, RS-232 Input, and Blackout Button
Retail Price: $209.95

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ADJ DP-415 4-Ch 600W DMX Dimmer/Switch Pack ADJ DP-415 4-Ch 600W DMX Dimmer/Switch Pack
4-channel DMX Dimmer/Switch Pack with Dip Switches
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ADJ WiFLY EXR Battery Wireless DMX Transmitter/Receiver ADJ WiFLY EXR Battery Wireless DMX Transmitter/Receiver
Battery-powered Wireless DMX Transmitter/Receiver for use with Other WiFLY Series Fixtures, DMX Controllers, and Transceivers
Retail Price: $219.95

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Sale Price: $179.99

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the ADJ myDMX 2.0 is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Lights, Computer, ACTION!

You've got lights, you've got music, you've got energy, and you've got mojo - now all you need is a darn good DMX-512 control system to make your show the best it can be. Check this out: ADJ's myDMX 2.0 software DMX control environment. Seriously, this system is one of the simplest, most comprehensive, and most flexible DMX control systems out there. It comes with a great little DMX output box, ADJ's myDMX 2.0 software (Mac and PC), and a suite of other very useful PC software.

ADJ's myDMX 2.0 software is super easy to wrap your head around. The basic layout is like that of a standard hardware lighting controller, but one with a fader for every DMX channel you need. And just like with a hardware controller, you build your light show from individual scenes arranged step by step. So, it's pretty easy to create a basic show from scratch, without diving into all of myDMX 2.0's bells and whistles. Once you do take the plunge, you'll find all sorts of goodies waiting, from a massive library of recognized effects to a powerhouse drag-and-drop effects generator that makes creating new shows a snap. No matter if you've got road cases full of intelligent lights or are building your lighting rig up from a handful of LED par cans, you're going to have a blast performing with ADJ's myDMX 2.0!

ADJ MyDMX 2.0 DMX Interface/Control Software System Features:
  • Powerful system for controlling DMX-512 equipped lighting fixtures and other DMX-controllable effects
  • Simple, comprehensive, and easy-to-use controls let you create impressive light shows from even minimal lighting setups
  • Step/scene-based programming and virtual fader-style layout provide familiar ground for anyone used to using a traditional hardware DMX controller
  • Extensive fixture profile library makes setting up your lighting rig easy
  • MIDI triggering adds tight integration with musical performances from live rock to complex DJ setups
  • Drag-and-drop effects generator lets you create complex-looking light shows with relatively little effort
  • Both the myDMX 2.0 hardware and software are fully Mac and PC compatible
  • Scan Library SSL2 profile editor software lets you customize the way myDMX 2.0 interacts with your fixtures
  • EasyView real-time 3D visualizer software lets you get an "in-the-box" preview of what your light show will look like.
  • Hardware Configuration Tools USB-DMX interface management software provides advanced integration with the rest of your system
  • Easy Remote iOS/Android app lets you take remote control of you myDMX 2.0 rig


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The promise ADJ made....

Written by Stefan van der Valk from Rotterdam, The Netherlands8
July 16, 2012
Music Background: DJ
myDMX 2.0 the first lightning control system to work under OSX. It's a promise, but not much more than that.
It's a nice program under Windows. But it doesn't deliver OSX capabilities. The current feature set under OSX is maller than under Windows. But what is worse: the program crashes under OSX as soon as you try to load the smallest show that you've build. Also ADJ Customer Service is slow to react. This product should not have been release to the public. It's a Bug disaster. Under Windows it works just fine.
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