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PreSonus Monitor Station (No Longer Available)

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the PreSonus Monitor Station is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

You've Never Had This Much Control!

Don't you love it when one little box can solve 1,000 headaches? The PreSonus Monitor Station is just that kind of gadget. In the studio, you've got audio you need to hear — and it's coming from different places and going to different places. For example, you want to send the output of your DAW to your monitors, but be able to A/B/C between your different sets without any fuss. You want to jam along with your iPod going through your nice speakers, without having to go find your laptop or power up your audio interface. Same sort of thing, you want to have your keyboard plugged right in so you can play it when you feel like playing, no cable attaching/detaching necessary. The Monitor Station easily handles all of that, and more.

This desktop controller can accept two sets of stereo inputs via TRS, then an AUX input via RCA (perfect for your iPod or the output of your portable recorder). Once you've got those sources plugged into the Monitor Station you've got a number of options. Connect up to three sets of studio monitors and use the Speaker Select buttons to listen through the different speakers... a killer way to test your mix. You can also choose how many of the three sources you're listening to — Stereo 1, Stereo 2, or AUX. And listen to all of them at once, if you want to, say, practice a VI in your DAW along with the track you're covering on your iPod. Want to give your mix the ultimate test? Hit the Mono button to see how it sounds. All that's cool, but we're only just getting started.

The Monitor Station starts rocking your world when you take a look at the four 1/4" headphone jacks on the upper right, each with an independent level control. That means you can use your Monitor Station as a killer headphone amp to send headphone feeds to the artists in the live room. Each headphone output can receive one of two mixes — the one you're hearing in the control room, or the Cue mix you're piping into them (again, that's letting them hear 1, 2, or all 3 sources). It all adds up to major flexibility. Give the drummer a click on the Cue Mix while you give the guitarist the nice mix you've dialed in over in the studio. Whatever works. Need to chat with the artists? Use the built-in Talkback Microphone and the momentary switch to tell them what's up. Or you can plug in a talkback microphone of your own.

If you're ready to lasso in your monitor mixes, take control of more gear, and improve your workflow in the studio... you're ready for the PreSonus Monitor Station. Nothing offers this kind of flexibility at this low price.

PreSonus Monitor Station Desktop Monitor Controller Features at a Glance:
  • Desktop monitor controller
  • Main volume control
  • Three stereo inputs (two balanced TRS, one RCA Aux/Phono)
  • Three sets of balanced TRS speaker outputs each with level adjustment
  • Talkback microphone with volume control to feed headphone and cue output
  • XLR input for external dynamic talkback microphone
  • Accurate dual 8-segment LED for metering
  • Four loud and clear headphone amplifiers with separate volume control and independent input source selection
  • MAIN and CUE stereo output have independent input source selection
  • DIM with variable level adjustment
  • Aux and Phono level adjustment
  • Mute and Mono
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