M-Audio M3-8 (No Longer Available)

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the M-Audio M3-8 is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Active 3-way Studio Monitors for Full-frequency Sound

Enhance your studio experience with the M-Audio M3-8 active studio monitors. These 3-way monitors deliver an enhanced imaging, fidelity, and a large sweet spot to mix songs and lay down tracks. You'll love the tighter bass response and super-accurate mids you get from the kevlar woofers. The 220-watt tri-amped M3-8 active monitors sport a 3-band EQ and low cut filter so you can tweak them to compensate for any acoustic issues. Carefully tuner crossovers deliver a full-spectrum listening experience that will make your mixes better than ever. Grab a pair of the M-Audio M3-8 active studio monitors and see what you've been missing.

M-Audio M3-8 Active Monitors Features:
  • 220W 3-way active studio monitors for precise and accurate playback
  • Tri-amped design with Class A/B power amp
  • Inline speaker configuration delivers killer imaging
  • Bypassable 3-band EQ for compensated playback
  • Low cut filter
  • Classy real wood veneer baffle
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