JBL LSR4312SP (No Longer Available)

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the JBL LSR4312SP is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Super-powerful Sub!

JBL caused quite a stir with their introduction of the LSR4326P and LSR4328P monitors, and now they have completed the set with the introduction of the LSR4312SP subwoofer. A rig configured with the LSR4312SP subwoofer provides pro bass management of the main channels, plus LFE (low frequency effects) in, tweakable crossover points, and rocking features for surround sound production.

JBL LSR4312SP Powered Subwoofer at a Glance:
    • The perfect sub for LSR4300 Series monitors
    • Room Mode Correction compensates for problem standing waves
    • Part of an intelligent monitoring system
    • 12" bass driver with 450-watt power amplifier

12" bass driver with 450-watt power amplifier
Based on a custom 12" low frequency transducer with a Neodymium motor structure, the LSR4312SP is powered by 450 watts of amplification providing exceptional dynamic range and low frequency response into the 20Hz range. The new sub includes balanced analog and digital inputs to enable multi-channel production with comprehensive bass management capabilities.

The perfect sub for LSR4300 Series monitors
The JBL LSR4312SP sub is the ideal foundation for a 2.1 or 5.1 surround monitoring system when teamed with LSR4326P or LSR4328P monitors. The LSR4312SP can be networked with the LSR4328P or LSR4326P to make integrated surround sound systems without the need an external monitor controller.

Room Mode Correction compensates for problem standing waves
Killer mixes start with accurate monitors. The LSR4312SP incorporates JBL's next generation RMC Room Mode Correction system incorporates a rocking analyzer into each speaker that automatically analyzes and compensates for problems caused by bass standing waves and proximity to boundaries. Truly putting technology to work, all of this is accomplished by simply plugging the LSR4300 calibration microphone into the speaker and pushing a button. A JBL first, the LSR4300 meter has a reference of the output from each speaker in the rig. The results are a revolution in pro mixing: a calibrated listening environment where the monitors truly work in harmony with the room. This creates a stunningly clear and articulate sound stage enabling reliable mixes that translate faithfully to the outside world.

Part of an intelligent monitoring system
Control of system level, individual speaker solo, input source selection, high- and bass EQ settings, and adjustment of all parameters can be made from each speaker's front panel, with the system's infrared remote control, or with LSR4300 Control Center Software. For unprecedented performance and convenience the LSR4300 Series incorporates the new Harman HiQnet protocol that enables a coordinated calibration of all speakers, intelligent configuration of surround sound systems, and synchronized control of all speakers in the system.

JBL LSR4312SP Powered Subwoofer Features:
    • 450-watt subwoofer with 12" bass driver
    • Frequency response down into the 20Hz range
    • Balanced analog and digital inputs
    • Comprehensive bass management capabilities
    • Ideal for a surround system using LSR4300 Series monitors
    • Room Mode Correction compensates for problem standing waves
    • Networkable via Harman HiQnet protocol
    • Software-configurable settings

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