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Latin Percussion The Claw (No Longer Available)

the Latin Percussion The Claw is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

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The Latin Percussion Percussion Claw offers a totally reliable and tough way to add percussion to your drums. Since the Percussion Claw is made to clamp right onto the rim of your drum or conga, there's no need for yet another stand in your setup. It sports a rubber-lined jaw to prevent scratching and to provide non-slip clamping for max stability. This claw can even open wide enough to get a solid grip on bass drum hoops. Made to work with existing Claw rods or other 3/8" mounting rods, the Percussion Claw makes an excellent expansion tool!

Latin Percussion Percussion Claw Drum Clamp Features:
    • Plenty of clamping power to ensure solid placement of percussion accessories in space-critical areas
    • Use the LP Percussion Claw body with existing Claw rods or any other 3/8" mounting rod
    • Better rubber lined jaw prevents slipping and scratching plus vibrations from drums and cross talk
    • Holds tight to any standard drum rim (improved fit on Comfort Curve Rims) and can open wide enough to grip bass drum hoops

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