Hartke KM60 (No Longer Available)

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the Hartke KM60 is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Plug in Your Keyboard... and More!

If you're a working keyboard player you know this story: the guitar player's amp is on 11, the bass player is vibrating the stage, and the drummer needs to lay off the caffeine, while you're begging the sound man to give you more keys in your monitor. Well, there's still hope! The Hartke KM60 offers keyboard players some much-needed attention. The Hartke KM60 or 100-watt KM100 is the ideal solution for the player who needs a flexible mix/monitor rig to handle a sophisticated instrument rig, and who demands a high quality amp that faithfully reproduces the sound, nuances, and soul of their performance.

Hartke KM100 Keyboard Amp at a Glance:
    • 2-way, 100-watt keyboard amp with 10" driver
    • Made in 4-channel mixer.

2-way, 60-watt keyboard Amp
The KM60 has 60 watts of power driving a 10" aluminum cone driver working with a ceramic tweeter, fit in a rugged enclosure, giving you a rocking ull-range 2-way pro onitoring rig.
Built-in Mixer
For players with multiple keyboards and sound modules an more ixer isn't needed because the KM60 has one built-in. The KM60's mixer has a Mic/Line in n channel 1, plus hree more ine ins,and a stereo Aux in. The KM60 also features a 7-band graphic equalizer, and an XLR direct output,so you can send direct to a PA.

The Hartke KM60 is simple o transport and the solid construction makes it a reliable performer from night-to-night and venue-to-venue.

Hartke KM60 Keyboard Amp eatures:
      li>60 watts of Power
    • 10" aluminum cone driver and ceramic compression driver
    • 7-Band graphic EQ
    • XLR microphone put, plus 4 mono line ins
    • XLR balanced out <
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