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Antelope Audio Isochrone 10M (No Longer Available)

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Atomic Master Clock with Sampling Rate Support up to 768kHz, 10 x 10MHz Outputs, 4 Standard Word Clock Outputs, 2 S/PDIF Outputs, and 2 AES Outputs

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Antelope Audio OCXHD - 768kHz Master Clock Antelope Audio OCXHD - 768kHz Master Clock
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the Antelope Audio Isochrone 10M is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Super-stable Clock!

The Isochrone 10M is the new answer in audio master clocks and clock distribution. It offers 4x-6x less jitter and 100x greater stability than other similar products. Technology fueled by listening tests in addition to cutting-edge engineering, allow all connected devices to achieve new levels of sound quality. Flexible connectivity and ergonomic design rocks a brain-dead really simple, straight-forward solution to an otherwise complex task. Based on over 15 years of clocking research, from skilled engineers renowned for their accomplishments in the field, the Isochrone 10M represents the future of digital clocking.
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