NEW AIR Hybrid 2 High Definition Virtual Analog Synth (No Longer Available)

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the AIR Hybrid 2 High Definition Virtual Analog Synth is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

This Soft Synth Delivers the Best of Both Worlds!

If you're creating music with Avid Pro Tools then you need to get your hands on the AIR Hybrid 2 analog/digital-style synthesizer virtual instrument. This amazing soft synth combines the organic warmth of retro analog synthesis with the kind of simplicity and advanced sound shaping you'll only get with modern digital technology. Here's how it all lays out. Hybrid 2 gives you two synth parts you can blend together, each with three highly tweakable oscillators that provide you with everything from complex analog waveforms and digital wavetables to cross modulation and suboscillator capabilities. An advanced modulation matrix lets you comfortably assign 16 modulation sources to 20 destinations, and detailed envelope editors let you set up dynamic sounds.

Love LFOs? Hybrid won't let you down. With four assignable LFOs (each with eight modulation styles) and a sophisticated step-sequencer per part, Hybrid 2 already leaves most virtual instrument synths in the dust, and that's not even going into its very cool morph mode capabilities, which let you shift seamlessly between four completely different parameter sets. Top it off with effects inserts for each part and the master section plus 40 effects styles, and there's no end to the sounds you can create with the AIR Hybrid 2 virtual instrument.

AIR Hybrid 2 Virtual Instrument Synthesizer Features at a Glance:
  • A high-definition software synthesizer that combines the warmth of analog synths with modern manipulation capabilities
  • Two part synth features 3 oscillators per part (2 multifunctional, 1 with suboscillator), each with switchable cross modulation modes
  • Multifunctional oscillators feature a range of classic analog waveforms and 100 digital wavetables with up to 64 single-cycle waveforms each
  • Dual multimode filters can run in series or in parallel or be assigned to separate oscillators
  • Filters provide 23 modes ranging from precise DCF modes to warm and fat VCF models, including AIR's original overdrive filter
  • Flexible and easy-to-use modulation matrix gives you 16 assignable modulation sources and more than 20 destinations
  • Four LFOs per part include 2 monophonic, 1 polyphonic, and 1 special Pump LFO
  • Use LFOs to modulate pitch, loudness, or cut-off to produce vibrato, tremolo, or electronic sweeps
  • Choose from 8 modulation types, ranging from sine and triangle waves to random, drift, and sample-and-hold modulation
  • Pump LFO simulates the pumping and breathing effect commonly heard in popular dance music
  • 4 envelope editors let you easily sculpt the filter, amplitude, and any two other modulation envelopes
  • 2 onboard 16-step sequencers (one for each part) enable you to create modern-sounding patches that move
  • Assign any rotary control or fader on the plug-in's interface to one of the four morph groups which you can morph between for complex on-the-fly sound manipulation (which you can easily assign to individual MIDI controllers
  • Add flavor to your sound with 2 insert effect sends per part, each with more than 40 effect types
  • Separate master effects section lets you select reverb, delay, and chorus effects to enhance your overall patch
  • Updated to the 64-bit AAX format for full compatibility with Avid Pro Tools 11+
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