EastWest / Quantum Leap Goliath (DVD) (No Longer Available)

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the EastWest / Quantum Leap Goliath (DVD) is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Giant, Huge, Colossal Sound Collection!

Just so you know... This item requires an iLok.

East West/Quantum Leap's Goliath ups the content of Colossus to a massive 39GB. The Colossus Virtual Instrument covered all of the basic musical genres, the way a keyboard workstation attempts to, except with much higher quality instruments and dynamics than any keyboard available today! Goliath simply bolsters that functionality, making it an indispensable tool that you will reach for time and time again when nothing else works. It will become your Swiss Army knife of composing, and it's General MIDI compatible!

East West/Quantum Leap Goliath at a Glance:
    • Direct from disk playback handles massive sample files
    • Every instrument category you can imagine included!
    • Sounds re-programmed for included PLAY sample player
    • A vast collection of exceptionally premium instruments

A vast collection of exceptionally first-class instruments
You can expect the usual Quantum Leap exceptional quality in Goliath. Even if you own some of these instruments, you will love this collection. A good example is the Fender Rhodes. Despite the fact the Rhodes has been sampled many times, Goliath includes a one-of-a-kind classic sounding Rhodes you won't find anywhere else. Goliath includes 7GB of new sounds, which when added to the 32GB that came standard with Colossus, equals a staggering 39GB of content.

Sounds re-programmed for included PLAY sample player
All of the instruments in Goliath are newly re-programmed with superior sound quality that makes the most of the included PLAY player interface. Programming is kept completely brain-dead simple, and programs that utilize the mod-wheel are labeled appropriately.

Every instrument category you can imagine included!

Goliath contains:
    • Drums/percussion: Country drum kits, electronic drum kits, ethnic percussion, funk drum kits, hip hop kits, jazz drum kits, rock drum kits, standard percussion, studio drum kits, taiko drums
    • GUITAR FAMILY '60s: Guitars, '66 Silvertone Bass, '72 Rickenbacker Bass, acoustic guitars, banjo, blues guitars, distorted guitars, electric sitar, Fender bass, Fender guitars, fretless bass, Hawaiian guitar, jazz guitars, Lakland Rock bass, lap steel, mandolin, nylon guitar, PRS guitars, rockabilly guitar, slap bass, Stingray bass, surf guitar, ukelele, upright basses
    • Ethnic: Agogo bells, bagpipes, cora, didjeridoo, duduk, dulcimer, erhu, fiddle, irish low whistle, kalimba, koto, mid-east strings, ney flute, ocarina, pan flute, sarangi, shakuhachi, shamisen, shehnai, sitar, thai gong, uilleann pipes
    • Keyboards/mallets: Accordian, celeste, church organs, concertina, glockenspiel, harpsichord, marimba, music box, reed organ, tango accordian, vibraphone, xylophone
    • Orchestra: bassoon, brass section, cello, clarinet, concert harp, contrabass, english horn, flute, french horn, oboe, orchestra hits, orchestral strings, piccolo, pizzicato strings, string ensembles, timpani, tremolo strings, trombone, trumpet, tuba, tubular bells, viola, violin
    • Piano/electric piano: Clavinet, CP-80, DX-7, Fazioli F308 Grand Piano, GS-1 Programs, Honky Tonk, Rhodes MKV, Chuck Monte, Steinway B Grand Piano
    • Pop brass: 3 trumpets, alto saxes, bari saxes, flugelhorn, pop/jazz trumpets, salsa trumpets, soprano saxes, trombones, tubas
    • Choir: men's choir, women's choir (extensive vowels with crossfading)
    • Classic organs: B3 organs, Farfisa organs, Vox Continental organs
    • New age ensembles (inspiring ethno ethereal soundscapes)
    • Stormdrone (3 gigs of dark atmospheres with morphing)
    • Synth basses (with morphing)
    • Synth leads (with morphing)
    • Synth pads (with morphing)

Direct from disk playback handles massive sample files
Goliath and PLAY allow direct from disk playback, which easily handles large samples beyond available RAM (which is assignable). Pro sound quality is assured with cutting-edge 32-bit processing. 256-voice polyphony allows for lush arrangements. The clean and easy-to-get interface never lets the technology get in the way of your creativity. All Goliath's important instrument parameters can be immediately adjusted without the need to page, scroll, or fumble through a manual. Many sound shaping tools have been made in to the interface. Rocking multi-mode filters, envelopes, and LFOs give a wealth of creative possibilities. Integrated excellent reverb, chorus, and delay effects are also provided.
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