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Gen16 Acoustic Crash - 18" (No Longer Available)

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the Gen16 Acoustic Crash - 18" is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Acoustic-electric Cymbals!

Check it out: the Gen16 18" Crash Cymbal does not include a pickup/preamp. Just so you know... Cymbals are not returnable.

Here's a novel idea. When you drum on an acoustic kit, you're playing real "stuff," right? You know... you hit your cymbals, they sound like cymbals. They're real. They decay. You can play with sticks. You can play with mallets. You can hit the bell. You can hit anywhere you want, actually. That's because... they're real. Not fake. But with old electronic drum technology, you had to hit a pad... then hope the pad-maker programmed it to be responsive enough for your playing. With different zones for you to trigger. Anyhow. Forget all of that. Get Gen16 Cymbals and put REAL CYMBALS on your electronic drum kit. You'll also love 'em in your acoustic kit.

Made in partnership with Zildjian, these real-deal cymbals have a slick perforated pattern that makes them put out 25% of the volume of your acoustic kit's cymbals. That way, they're quiet enough to take onstage or play at night, but they still respond like the cymbals you're used to. Using the optional high-tech pickup and DSP engine, Gen16 acoustic-electric cymbals can pick up your sound and get it so the audience can hear it. You can also use them without the associated electronics - perfect for quiet practice or low-volume performances.

Gen16 18" Crash Cymbal Features at a Glance:
  • Gen16: cymbals for electronic or acoustic drum kits
  • Feel and respond like real cymbals because they are real cymbals
  • Play with any any stick, mallet, or technique
  • Use with or without optional pickup system and associated electronics
  • Perfect for practice and low-volume rehearsals and performances
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