dbx DriveRack PA+ (No Longer Available)

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the dbx DriveRack PA+ is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Instantly Tunes Up Your PA... Got to Check This Out!

It's a tangent, but go with us on this one. Genie comes out of the lamp. You ask Genie to manage your PA. The typical Genie can only help you out three times. The DriveRack PA+ can do the same thing — no wish limit. If you had a choice, you'd obviously go with the DriveRack PA+... and that's exactly why these things are so outrageously popular. Here's the deal. The DriveRack PA+ makes it easy to setup your PA system so it sounds its best, taking the pressure off of you. And if you gig at the same handful of clubs throughout the year, its instant recall features make it more than worth the investment. How does it work?

The dbx DriveRack PA+ has a Setup Wizard that helps you make your system sound rocking, through an easy step-by-step process. You tell the DriveRack PA+ exactly what speakers you're using... it has a massive catalog that you can update via a USB firmware update as cutting-edge speakers come out. Once it knows what your speakers are, you can use the Auto Level Wizard to fine-tune the level settings of each one. After that, trust the Auto EQ Wizard to optimize your sound for intelligibility and all-around awesomeness. Another big deal? The AFS Wizard that automatically nips feedback in the bud during your performances. Setting up the dbx DriveRack PA+ takes practically no time at all, but the results are a big-deal difference.

If you're a power user, you'll want to know that the dbx DriveRack PA+ of course lets you fine-tune your settings to get them to where your ears say "golden!" You can also use the DriveRack PA+ to configure crossovers, set alignment delays, etc., etc., etc. Whatever you do, you'll want to add the optional Real-Time Analyzer Microphone to make the most out of your DriveRack PA+.

DriveRack PA+ PA Loudspeaker Management System Features at a Glance:
  • USB connectivity makes it easy to update speaker and amp settings
  • Stereo feedback elimination with 12 feedback notch filters
  • Full-time RTA
  • Dual 28-band Graphic EQ
  • Classic dbx compressor
  • 120A Sub-harmonic synthesizer
  • 2 x 3, 2 x 4, 2 x 5, 2 x 6 crossover configurations
  • Stereo Multi-band Parametric EQ
  • Stereo Output Limiters
  • Alignment Delay
  • Pink Noise Generator
  • Auto-EQ with 28-Band RTA
  • JBL speaker and Crown power amp tunings with Setup Wizard
  • 25 user programs /25 factory programs
  • 2-channel XLR input and 6-channel XLR output
  • Front-panel RTA-M XLR input with phantom power
  • 24-bit ADC/24-bit DAC, >110dB dynamic range
  • Power on/off mute circuitry
  • Front-panel mute buttons
  • TypeIV conversion system
  • Full graphic LCD display
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