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MOTU Digital Performer 8 - 5-seat Academic Lab Pack (boxed) (No Longer Available)

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the MOTU Digital Performer 8 - 5-seat Academic Lab Pack (boxed) is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Unlimited in-the-box Production!

Note: This is an opportunity for educational institutions with the proper qualifications to purchase a 5-seat lab pack of MOTU Digital Performer 8 at a special reduced price.

Add massive music-production power to your computer with MOTU's Digital Performer 8! Digital Performer 8 is a 64-bit DAW that's built to let you make music any way you want to. Built to be totally compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows 7, Digital Performer 8 gives you more incredible music-making tools and plug-ins than ever before. We're talking about 15 killer plug-in processors plus amazing new recording and workflow enhancements, on top of all the in-the-box production power that's long established Digital Performer as a must-have DAW. There's a lot of ground to cover with MOTU's Digital Performer 8, so hang on tight and enjoy the ride.

First off, you've got to wrap your head around the sheer flexibility of Digital Performer 8. MOTU's Digital Performer has always been designed to let you tweak its user interface to meet your workflow. Want your track view up next to your mixer window? Go for it. Need a view that gives you a MIDI piano roll above your score view? No problem. With Digital Performer 8, you can create the views you need and recall them instantly. You can even change the overall color scheme to suit your taste. And with 14 new themes to choose from, you're sure to find a look you love.

When it comes to sheer production potential, few DAWs come close to the power of DP. Digital Performer 8 lets you record audio, sequence MIDI, score to video, and much more. It's as flexible in your studio as it is onstage too, so it's a great choice for live event triggering. The only limit to Digital Performer 8's production power is your imagination and your computer. And now that Digital Performer has gone 64-bit compatible, you can even get the most out of your samplers, virtual instruments, and other RAM-intensive plug-ins.

On that note, take a look at some of the awesome plug-ins included with Digital Performer 8. On the virtual instrument side, you get four synths, a sampler, and a killer drum module. But MOTU also loaded this DAW with a whole suite of plug-in processors. Digital Performer 8 gives you standard EQs, dynamics, and basic effects, but it also hooks you up with amazing new processors, such as a modeled analog delay, a multiband dynamic equalizer, a cool spring reverb, and a beastly kick drum enhancer, just to name a few. And if you're a guitarist or bass player, you're going to love the selection of amplifier and stompbox effects models that come with Digital Performer 8. You can even mix and match amp parts to create your own original models!

Now take into consideration all of the other cool features in Digital Performer 8. Start with built-in pitch correction and automatic tempo mapping that make your life much easier. How about a super-straightforward way to organize your tracks and create comps out of multiple takes? Then there's the complete built-in mastering suite that lets you turn your ideas into polished masterpieces. Any way you look at it, there's a lot to love about MOTU's Digital Performer 8. Grab your copy from and discover it all for yourself.

MOTU Digital Performer 8 DAW Software Features at a Glance:
  • NEW - Cross-platform compatibility - runs on both Mac and PC operating systems
  • NEW - 64-bit operating system support (includes support for 32-bit operating systems as well)
  • NEW - Guitar amp, cabinet, and stompbox models
  • NEW - Modeled analog delay, multiband dynamic equalizer, de-esser, Springamabob spring reverb, Subkick kick drum enhancer, and other plug-in processors
  • NEW - Punch Guard automatic preroll/postroll recording prevents cutoff recordings from ruining takes
  • NEW - Enhanced video engine lets you view full 720 or 1080 HD video clips on your main or secondary monitor
  • NEW - 14 extra themes, including Hi-Fi, Arctic, and None More Black
  • Award-winning DAW software that's perfect for recording audio, scoring music, and arranging sound for post-production
  • Powerful audio recording and MIDI sequencing that's only limited by your computer's capabilities
  • Flexible user interface lets you create and arrange your own environment to best suit your workflow
  • Consolidated window options let you instantly switch between complete layouts
  • Color themes let you change the look of your workspace with a single click
  • DP Control app for iOS devices gives you wireless control over your session
  • Track folders make managing your elaborate projects easy
  • Meter Bridge gives you a quick overview of all of your levels
  • MIDI Keys lets you trigger MIDI notes without an external MIDI controller - perfect for on-the-go editing with a laptop
  • Audio Click lets you customize the sound and nature of your click track
  • Nondestructive track comping lets you easily organize and manage multiple takes on a single track
  • Advanced editing tools let you dive into every aspect of your project for fine editing
  • Built-in waveform editor gives you the ability to edit audio at its most basic level with absolute control
  • Inline mixing layout makes controlling levels, adding plug-ins, and setting up monitoring easy
  • 64-bit mastering tools include MasterWorks Limiter, Multi-Band Compressor, Leveler and Parametric EQ
  • Built-in pitch automation lets you add pitch correction and pitch-based effects
  • Automatic beat detection simplifies tempo mapping and beat quantization
  • Supports VST and AU plug-ins as well as ReWire MIDI and audio interchange
  • Plug-in effects include guitar amp and stompbox modeling, as well as processors for equalization, dynamics, reverb, and more
  • Virtual instruments include 4 x synths, a sampler, and a drum module
  • QuickScribe Music Notation gives you accurate real-time MIDI transcription and advanced tools for fine tuning your score
  • Sample-accurate timing and synchronization also makes DP perfect for live effent triggering
  • AAF, OMF, XML file Interchange options make collaboration easy
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