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Benchmark DAC1 HDR - Black (No Longer Available)

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the Benchmark DAC1 HDR - Black is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

The Audiophile's Choice!

Here's a reference-quality stereo preamplifier that's perfect for any serious engineer! The DAC1 HDR from Benchmark offers all of the best features of Benchmark's lauded DAC1 family, plus the convenience of an intelligent remote control. It sports the same D/A converter as the DAC1, with UltraLock anti-jitter clocking rig. The DAC1 HDR also has a premier HPA2 headphone amp and Benchmark's state-of-the-art Cutting-edge USB computer audio playback interface, so you get no-compromise performance. An included remote puts intelligent control of the DAC1 HDR's Dim, and soft-mute settings in your hands.

For over a decade, recording studios, mastering engineers and all-out audiophiles have grown to rely on Benchmark for critical conversion. The DAC1 HDR offers you two of Benchmark's HPA2 ultimate reference headphone amps, plus their best D-to-A conversion technology. That means you get a incredible personal listening experience, plus better sonic performance for all of your digital audio sources. You also get the benefit of Benchmark's highly regarded UltraLock clock rig - delivering jitter-free performance, even under extreme conditions. In fact, even in the presence of high In jitter, UltraLock will blocks jitter so that no artifacts come through the DAC1 HDR's outs.

With a generous offering of ins and outputs, the DAC1 HDR is perfectly suited to serve as the heart of your entire entertainment rig, optimizing the digital signal path from various sources and improving your overall listening experience. That means your DAC1 HDR will enhance the audio performance of your DTV, DVD/CD player, computer, and any other device with a digital audio out. Plus, you get a super-powerful smart remote control with the DAC1 HDR. This remote can activate and adjust the DAC1 HDR's intelligent dimming (quieting) and muting rig. That makes the DAC1 HDR perfect for dimming the sound during commercial breaks. It also has a "Soft-mute" function that fades the volume down to the dim level before muting, and smoothly raises the volume ot the normal level after you've unmuted it.

Benchmark DAC1 HDR Reference-quality Stereo Preamplifier Features at a Glance:
    • Digital Input Sample Rate Range: 28-195kHz
    • Headphone amp output-level range @ 0dBFS into a 60-ohm load): Off-to-+21dBu
    • Cutting-edge USB computer audio interface supports native 24-bit/96kHZ USB audio
    • SNR-A-weighted: 116dB (w/ 0dBFS = +20-+29dBU)
    • Stereo outputs: XLR balanced, RCA unbalanced, HPA2-1/4" headphone jacks
    • Headphone amp THD+N: -107dB, 0.00045% (w/ -3dBFS input)
    • 6 Stereo Inputs: Analog RCA, USB, TOSlink optical, and 3 Digital Coaxial
    • THD+N: -107dB, 0.00045% (w/ -3dBFS input)
    • Max Amplitude of AC line-related hum and noise: < -126dB
    • Max Amplitude of Jitter-induced Sidebands (10kHz test tone @ 0dBFS; 12.75 UI sinusoidal jitter @ 1kHZ): < -141dB
    • Includes a remote control with intelligent dimming and soft-muting
    • Headphone amp out impedance: .01 ohms
    • Has 2 of Benchmark's ultimate reference headphone amplifiers
    • The right configuration of I/O, to serve as the heart of your audiophile system
    • Black finish
    • Sports Benchmark's UltraLock clocking system, for jitter-immune performance
    • Exceptional D/A conversion, courtesy of DAC1's renowned D/A system

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