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PageFlip Cicada Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal

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the PageFlip Cicada Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Take Control With Your Feet So Your Hands Stay Free!

If you'd like to browse digital documents and software with your feet while freeing your hands to hold your instrument, the Pageflip Cicada bluetooth pedal is for you. Use Cicada with any bluetooth or USB compatible computer or tablet to flip pages in PDFs and iBooks. Start and stop recording in your music software with your feet, so you can keep your hands on your instrument. Play and pause tutorial videos while you practice. Cicada transmits standard keyboard commands like Enter and Spacebar, arrow keys, and ever left/right mouse click - commands virtually every piece of software understands. The hands-free convenience is obvious, how you decide to take advantage of the power of Cicada is up to you!

Pageflip Cicada Bluetooth Pedal Features at a Glance:
  • Powered by the included AC adapter or two AA batteries for maximum convenience
  • Five pedal modes let you control Page Up/Page Down, Left/Right arrow keys, Up/Down arrow keys, Left/Right mouse click, or Spacebar/Enter key.
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Uses standard keyboard commands so it will work with virtually any software
  • Great for overdubbing in your recording software without taking your hands off your instrument
PageFlip Cicada Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal Specs:
Computer Connectivity Bluetooth
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