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BoiceBox T-26HT Bamboo Pedal Board with Lid - 26" - Tiered (No Longer Available)

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the BoiceBox T-26HT Bamboo Pedal Board with Lid - 26" - Tiered is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

The Limousine of Pedalboards!

Have you ever been staring at your pedalboard wondering, "gee, how could I make this fancier?" BoiceBox sure has, and my how they did it. In many ways, the BoiceBox T-26HT is the very pinnacle of all 26" pedalboards. Made from 3-ply bamboo, the lightweight T-26HT is much tougher and provides far better protection than pedalboards made of traditional 9-ply birch. An amazing onboard cable management system (tucked out of sight under the second tier) lets you keep all of your power and jumper cables tucked out of the way, and pass-through 1/4" and AC ports make it so that once your T-26HT is set up, you never have to touch a pedal again.

Make out of top-grade aircraft aluminum, the T-26HT's second tier is set at such an angle that you'll have no trouble hitting your switches, and there's an flat section on the right side for a couple of your wah or expression pedals. And here's the best part - when it's time to head out to the show, you just snap on the hard top lid and you're all set to go. The T-26HT is even sized to comply with most airline carry-on and overheard storage guidelines, making it the perfect way to pack your pedals and fly. If you're a working guitarist who's always on the move, you owe yourself the luxury of a BoiceBox T-26HT portable pedalboard.

BoiceBox T-26HT Pedalboard Features at a Glance:
  • An ultra-sturdy 26" pedalboard built for serious gigging guitarists
  • 3-ply bamboo construction is thinner and far stronger than standard 9-ply birch
  • Hinged second tier made of aircraft aluminum makes back-row effects easy to reach and keeps your cable tucked out of the way
  • Double-wide Rocker platform on right provides enough space for two wah or expression pedals
  • Clever cable-management system with speed slots keep your cables neatly organized
  • Removable hard top lid turns this pedalboard into a flight-ready hard case
  • Bomber hardware including heavy-duty open hinges and butterfly draw latches provide a tight and stable fit
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