Audix BP7 Pro (No Longer Available)

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the Audix BP7 Pro is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Complete Package for Band Miking!

Tired of guessing what mics you band needs? Get all the mics you need for your band in one convenient kit! The 7-piece Audix BP7 Pro Band Mic package has you covered form vocals to drums. You get one world-class OM5 vocal mic for lead vocals and two OM2 mics for back-up vocals. These mics have a smooth response and killer vocal clarity. Next you get the D6, Audix's flagship kick drum mic, and three i5 dynamic mics. You'll get all the thump of the bass drum and crack of the snare you could ever want. The i5 is also great for guitar amps, bass cabinets, and horns. Take the guess work out of buying mics for your band and get the Audix BP7 Pro Band Pack!

Audix BP7 Pro Band Pack Microphone Kit Features:
  • A complete pack of mics to get your band going
  • Vocal and drum mics for full coverage
  • BP7 Pro Includes the following:
  • (3) i5 Snare Mic
  • (2) OM2 Backing Vocal Mic
  • (1) OM5 Lead Vocal Mic
  • (1) D6 Kick Drum Mic
  • (1) Road Case
  • (1) DCLIP
  • (4) MC1 Mic Clips
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