Dynaudio BM 9S (No Longer Available)

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the Dynaudio BM 9S is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Powerful Sub!

The Dynaudio BM 9S subwoofer is intended to operate with the BM series monitors, more specifically, the Dynaudio BM 5A monitor. It is extremely well-suited for that extra punch to the bottom in setups where space is limited. The Dynaudio BM 9S delivers a clear, crispy and surprisingly intense punch when you take its almost diminutive size into account. The Dynaudio BM 9S will complement stereo and multichannel monitoring equally well and when daisy-chaining of subwoofers is needed, it sports a low level LFE input/output.

Dynaudio BM 9S at a Glance:
    • The perfect size, especially when space is scarce.
    • Smart filters that will enhance the performance of your satellites.
    • Closed cabinet for a tight low-end punch.

Tight, Low-End Punch!
For significant control and enhancement of the general performance, the Dynaudio BM 9S is a closed cabinet type. This creates an internal pressure by which the woofer gains a considerable amount of precision when it comes to the reproduction of low frequent signals. This precision is easily audible and it augments the feeling of reality that the listener experiences.

The Perfect Addition to Your BM 5A Rig!
The Dynaudio BM 9S is designed according to the strict BM series specs. With a 10" woofer and 200 Watts of power, and virtually minute dimensions, this sub is tailor-made to take care of even the most comprehensive challenges where space is scarce. Being every bit as versatile as the rest of the BM series, Dynaudio BM 9S is a totally competent partner for smaller stereo and multichannel setups, giving a completely bulletproof system for even the tweakiest users across the globe. The Auto On/Off function, rocks a minimized idle energy usage by shutting off after minutes of no in signal. The auto sensing circuit enables BM9S to automatically come to life when in signal is detected.

Get More From Your Satellites
The satellite filters that this sub sports, rocks high-pass filtering of the monitor source signal allowing 60Hz or 80Hz corner frequencies. This is a gigantic advantage for the monitor performance, as the satellites do not need to deal with power consuming lower frequencies. This leaves all the satellite power to greatly accelerate performance and precision.

Dynaudio BM 9S Features:
    • 10" woofer.
    • Phase adjustment in 0 / 180.
    • Auto on/off, power LED.
    • Mode selection, LFE or slave.
    • Adjustment of lowpass corner frequencies (50-150Hz)
    • SAT/SUB high-pass adjustment, Flat, 60Hz, 80Hz.
    • Small dimensions: 11.6" X 11.4" X 12.5".
    • 200 W @ 4 Ohms.
    • Discrete LFE input, slave out for linking.
    • Closed cabinet for extremely accurate low frequency reproduction.

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