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Antares Auto-Tune Vocal Studio Vocal Toolkit Bundle - Native (No Longer Available)

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the Antares Auto-Tune Vocal Studio Vocal Toolkit Bundle - Native is no longer available. This page is for your reference only - we just don't have any more.

Why We Love This Product!

Everything You Need for Awesome Vocals!

It's not even a question - NO ONE knows vocal effects and processing the way Antares does. These guys are the masters of flubbed notes fixed and weak vocals sweetened. More hit songs owe their very existence to Antares products than anyone can fathom (we're not just talking about "Believe" or "I'm on a Boat" here either). Antares Auto-Tune 7 is the original mother of all pitch correction as we know it, and the AVOX Evo suite comes totally loaded with vocal sweetening gizmos and gadgets. Why buy one when you want the all? Pick up the Antares Auto-Tune Vocal Studio and that's exactly what you get!

Auto-Tune 7 is pitch correction like you've never had the pleasure of hearing before, but that's not all - it's also serious time correction software like nothing you've seen. Auto-Tune 7's hot new second-generation Evo vocal processing technology also lets you adjust the character of any or all notes as you like, letting you pull off some cool and freaky effects, double vocals, and totally change the way your vocals sound.

Let's take it from the beginning. If you don't already know Auto-Tune, then here's your 101 crash course on how it works. First you define your scale, either by hand or from Auto-Tune 7's massive list of common scales. Then you set how fast Auto-Tune grabs bad notes and brings them on course. That lets you get smooth, subtle, and totally seamless pitch correction, as well as that wicked hard-tuned T-Pain effect. That's it - set it, forget it, and let Auto-Tune do the heavy lifting. That was Auto-Tune 1-6. Auto-Tune 7 adds a whole new dimension to pitch correction, and that is the graphic editor.

Auto-Tune 7 hooks you up with an awesome piano-roll layout that shows each vocal note spread out in time. Got a really bad note... one that's so bad it won't automatically tune right? Just grab that sucker and pull it to the right note. Missed a beat? No problem - you can slide the note into place. Plus, there are some other great tools that make fixing those really nasty notes a snap... literally. That's not all, you also get and enhanced amplitude envelope display, integrated data file management system, and the ability to grab MIDI note information from your vocals - all good stuff. So, if you want your vocals to come out shiny, perfect, and ready for the radio - it's time to pick up Antares Auto-Tune 7!

The Antares AVOX Evo package has got 10 of the sweetest vocal processors on the planet. Let's cut to the chase and take a peek at them. Harmony Engine Evo gives you up to 4-part, super realistic harmonies. When we say "realistic" we don't just mean that Harmony Engine Evo doesn't sound like robots yodeling, we mean you instantly get backup vocals that sound like four different people adding umph to your vocals. AVOX DUO Evo is a great plug-in too, if you're just looking for a doubled part. Both DUO and VOX's Harmony Engine let you select the degree of imperfection and vibrato with which your virtual backing voice or voices sing!

If you do sing your own harmony or doubling parts, THROAT Evo is a great way to change the character of your voice without changing the pitch. It model the human vocal track so well that you can completely dial in the character of the voice you want. And if you're looking for a simpler, fuller sounding backing band, use CHOIR. CHOIR generates four, eight, 16, or 32 unison voices. And when you combine CHOIR with and of the other VOX engines, you can easily create abso-frickin-lutely huge vocals.

Now, if you're going for weird vocal effects like robots yodeling or some such thing, you're gonna love MUTATOR Evo. MUTATOR Evo combines crazy pitch shifting, insane ring modulation, and something called Alienization (the name says it all) to generate the most bizarre vocal effects you can dream up. ARTICULATOR Evo is a slightly less crazy effect that can make your instrumental tracks come to life... Frampton-style. Oh yes, that's right, it's a super-slick digital talk box that extracts the formant (the character) of your vocals and applies them to other tracks. It's a totally awesome way to really make your synths sing and your guitars growl... literally.

Kind of an easter egg in the whole VOX Evo package has to be WARM. This awesome plug-in is so simple it almost hurts. You get two different tube models, a variable drive (saturation) control, and an OmniTube switch to select whether you hit the whole signal or just the transients. You'll probably find yourself putting WARM on just about all of your tracks to give your whole mix a more analog sound. The result will absolutely blow you away! An alternative way to affect just the warmth of vocals is with ASPIRE. ASPIRE adds air and smoke to vocals without making them raspy or noisy. It's one of those effects that just plain sounds good, even though it's hard to say why... kind of mysterious, actually.

On the more practical side, PUNCH Evo and SYBIL Evo are great tools for enhancing the overall impact of your vocals. PUNCH uses harmonic manipulation to add punch (bet you didn't see that coming) to your vocals. The effect is awesome — it totally makes your vocals cut through even the densest sound beds. SYBIL Evo on the other hand is a variable sibilance attenuator, which is a fancy way of saying that it's a darn goo de-esser. With SYBIL on your vocals, harsh high-midrange edges of your vocals just sort of fall off. In other words, if you were to run Sylvester the Cat through SYBIL, there wouldn't be much left.

Antares Auto-Tune Vocal Studio Plug-in Bundle Features at a Glance:
  • Includes Auto-Tune 7, Antares' flagship pitch and time editing software
  • Includes AVOX Evo vocal effects suite
  • RTAS, AU, and VST format plug-ins
  • Mac/PC

Antares Auto-Tune 7 Pitch and Time Correction Software:
  • The second generation of Evo voice processing technology
  • Extremely high-quality and easy-to-use pitch and time correction and manipulation system
  • Enhanced Amplitude Envelope Display
  • Integrated data file management system
  • Adjust Throat Length on an individual correction object basis
  • Record MIDI note information in Graphical Mode and create Note Objects from it
  • Enhanced Graphical Mode Adjust Vibrato function
  • Smooth continuous scrolling of graphical audio data
  • Amplitude envelope in the graphical editing window
  • Expanded Key Binding shortcuts to incorporate the new time manipulation controls
  • The option to display the graphical timeline as bars and beats

Antares AVOX Evo Vocal Pitch-processing Plug-in Bundle:
  • Harmony Engine Evo vocal modeling harmony generator
  • MUTATOR Evo Extreme Voice Designer
  • ARTICULATOR Evo Digital Talk Box
  • WARM tube Saturation Generator
  • ASPIRE Evo Aspiration Noise Processor
  • THROAT Evo Physical Modeling Vocal Designer
  • DUO Evo Vocal Modeling Auto-Doubler
  • CHOIR Evo Vocal Multiplier
  • PUNCH Evo Vocal Impact Enhancer
  • SYBIL Evo Variable Frequency De-Esser
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