Vox AC15HW1X 15-watt 1x12" Handwired Tube Combo with Alnico Blue Speaker Reviews

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My favorite Vox

Writen by Leadbottom from Minneapolis
November 4, 2012
Music Background: Play out - but won't give my day job
I have owned many good tube amps including 3 Vox amps (I still have an AC30CC2X). The AC15HW1X has a very, very articulate tone - a tone I was not familier with - full of dynamics, debth and sonic richness. Tone that can be shaped by your pick attach. It has a very nice vintage sound (I should know, I've been around a long time:)

I still gig and can tell you this amp is LOUD and very gig-worthy un-mic'd (which is what I like to do... why pay for a great speaker and then use PA speakers to deliver your sound?) I love the 7.5 watt mode for rehearsals in a small space. I sometimes use the 7.5 watt setting giging for a more overdivin sound.

The AC15HW1X has more clairity than my AC30CC2X and the AC15 can be turned up into it's Tone Zone & played, where as the AC30 is just to friggin' loud for anything but an outdoor event - plus you can practice at home without getting your wife (or husband) PO'd.

I changed tubes almost right away to JJ EL84's and AX7's with a NOS TESLA EZ84 rectifier. The stock tubes a fine.. but I feel these are better.

PS, the amp sounds so rich, I don't miss reverb or tremolo - If I do in tghe future, I'll get good pedals.

Vox AC15HW1

Writen by 57esquire from Atlanta, GA
January 4, 2012
Music Background: 35 year player / collector
First off, GREAT TONE!!!

My only concern with this amp are the ghost notes. I believe ghost notes to be the result of designer conserving money with filtration in the power supply. The ghost notes are only noticable when the amp is pushed to use all of it's 15 watts. Otherwise if you run the amp at lower power demand through the Master Volume or just lower over all volume, the Ghost Tones are not detectable.

Does anyone know if the original circuit contained Ghost Tones? Has anyone else noticesd this phenominon?

I would gladly pay for the extra component costs to beef up the power supply here. The amp is fantastic otherwise.

I am also getting a lot of Cone Cry from the Greenback. It is just the nature of the speaker so, I don't think anything can be done about it.

Everything is a trade off. Tight power supply - Less lush sound and feel. Speaker with out Cone Cry - Who knows?

Vox AC15HW1X 15-watt 1x12" Handwired Tube Combo with Alnico Blue Speaker

Handwired 15/7.5-watt 2-channel All-tube 1x12" Guitar Combo Amplifier with 2 Independent Preamp Circuits, a Half-power Switch, and Celestion Alnico Blue Speaker

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